Traxalt is Adopting a Holistic Approach to Expand Through the Isolated Crypto Market

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA / ACCESSWIRE / April 27, 2020 / Traxalt – A blockchain-based solution to transform Global Payments Network is creating headlines for showing tremendous growth through the isolated crypto market. The platform recently reported that its user base has finally touched the mark of 1,000,000 with a record 22.5% quarterly growth in the user base.

Current Situation of the Market

There exist more than 4,000 projects, and 95% of them are already considered to be dead, with no volume or users in their platform. It is tough to sustain longer in this market if the new companies cannot onboard users in a short period of its incorporation. Most of the projects are dead or are currently suffering because of severe cash crunch and lack of liquidity in the market. Users are behaving more maturely, and they do not expose themselves to newly introduced projects.

Conducting ICOs and IEOs are proving to be very unsuccessful, and the hype has been washed out. VCs are also supporting those projects that are already backed by a bigger entity or have a considerable user base.

The Traxalt Way: Analysis

Making its debut in the crypto market in October 2018, the company has gone all -out in marketing to onboard users and grow its market share. In an interview with the company executives, they explained that they have drawn out a holistic marketing approach. This approach has been yielding positive results for them so far:

  • Partnerships: Traxalt has partnered with industry giants, such as Bitfoliex and other crypto exchanges. These partnerships have enabled Traxalt to serve millions of new users around the world. Built on top of the Stellar blockchain, Traxalt allows enterprises and companies to reduce costs, achieve faster transaction times, and this acts as word of mouth and hence beneficial for the company.
  • Events: Those companies that have survived through the bear market always made events their priority. Industry leaders attend events and conferences, and it serves new companies with a chance to get recognized by these leaders. Just to let you know the gravity of the situation, Consensus 2019 featured 8,000+ attendees, 200+ sponsors, and 125+ speakers.
  • Low-cost, high conversion Social Media Marketing: Most of the other project’s social handles look like a sales pitch. The social media managers are always busy posting how ‘revolutionary’ their solution is. But 90% of these social media marketers do not understand that they are pitching human beings and not bots. Every post they make must convey a message to the followers. It should be beneficial to the followers, and there must be an invisible bridge through which marketers relate the solutions their company offers vs the problem faced by their followers.
  • Brand building and incentivized campaigns run by independent marketers: Traxalt has hundreds of marketers working indirectly. These marketers write resourceful articles, post graphically appealing content on their social handles, and invite their fellow community members to join the project. This single-handedly has improved the SEO score of Traxalt.

There is a lot to learn from the marketing approach adopted by Traxalt. The team has been focusing on generating basic-crypto related content that is highly engaging and also benefits general crypto users. This builds trust and helps in conversion.

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