Public Welfare Actions of Throne Legacy Capital Ltd. (TLC)

HONG KONG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / April 24, 2020 / All walks of life have fought against COVID-19, donated money and medical suppliers, and tried their best to contribute to the battlefield against COVID-19. As a warm-hearted technology-driven foreign exchange enterprise, with the mission of “Take Actions in Public Welfare Activities in Return for Social Supports”, TLC has made outstanding contributions to the public welfare.

TLC has undertaken its social responsibilities since the outbreak of COVID-19. On one hand, the company has ensured the health of employees to promote work resumption; on the other, the company has actively donated medical suppliers for epidemic prevention and control. TLC has conducted a public welfare activity themed by “Fight Against COVID-19 Together With TLC”, donating more than 100 thousand and one thousand medical suppliers for charity institutions and nursing homes, so as to help disadvantaged groups in the society to fight against COVID-19.

With the permanent goal of fulfilling its social responsibility, TLC has tried its best to conduct public welfare activities. Ever since its establishment, TLC has been devoted to charity activities in poverty alleviation, care for women, children’s growth and care for the senior.

In December 2019, Junior Chamber International Bauhinia (JCI), the first association for women that takes Chinese as legal language in the world, convened its 40th anniversary celebration. TLC sponsored and successfully convened the activity and showed its care and support for female growth.

On December 8, 2019, TLC sponsored “Christmas Charity Action in 2019” undertaken by Well Family Charity Foundation and Redford Charitable Foundation and sent warm gifts to the 100 children from low-income families in Kwai Tsing District.

On December 14, 2019, TLC convened a Christmas family party with “Mother’s Choice” to accompany children without parents on Christmas, “Mother’s Choice” is a charity institution that is designed to care for children without parents and teenagers with unwanted pregnancies in Hong Kong.

On December 25, 2019, TLC sponsored Legacy 115 to undertake the “Christmas Warmth Action”, sent gifts to more than 500 old people in nursing homes, and celebrated an unforgettable and warm Christmas with them.

At the beginning of this year, TLC sponsored Legacy 116 to convene a public welfare activity themed by “Charity Action” and condoled 600 old people and gave best wishes to them, so as to deliver the humanism of mutual care and mutual contribution in the society.

TLC has persisted in public welfare activities because of its great interest in public welfare and enterprise responsibilities. Up to now, TLC has donated more than 500 thousand yuan and over 800 thousand suppliers, which has been widely reported and highly praised by media and all sectors of the society. Moreover, the positive corporate value will influence more people.

In addition to being a responsible enterprise, TLC is a professional auxiliary platform for foreign exchange investors. TLC has been dedicated to being a first-rate foreign exchange trading platform. In order to maximize benefits of foreign exchange investors, TLC has released the “Forex Insurance Profit Security Plan” that is designed and programmed by 49 top experts in the world, so as to help customers to avoid risks and obtain stable long-term returns in foreign exchange market that changes rapidly. These experts have assisted in foreign exchange with technology, integrated EA intelligence into foreign exchange trading, and strengthened advantages of the platform, so as to create a safe and stable investment environment for customers.

Although it’s a long way to do good works, TLC will not stop it. TLC undertakes to continue to pass love and warmth to every hole and corner in the future and constantly contribute to public welfare undertakings with more peers on the way.

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