Prance Gold Holdings Innovates Access to Liquidity with Decentralized Finance

TOKYO, JAPAN / ACCESSWIRE / April 17, 2020 / Decentralized finance (DeFi) is disrupting and innovating the financial sector with services that augment the capabilities of traditional financing institutions like banks. Prance Gold Holdings, a technology company that uses cryptocurrencies to grow investment portfolios risk-free, is announcing the launch of its platform for investing and access to liquidity that provides better terms and flexibility than traditional financing institutions.

Digital assets are proving to be resilient amidst a backdrop of economic uncertainty brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. However, one challenge faced by investors is finding the right platforms and strategies for investing in the cryptocurrency market. Prance Gold Holdings empowers investors to grow their capital with as little as US$1,000 in investment and without long-term lock-ins.

By using its proprietary Prance Gold Algo (PGA) system, Prance Gold Holdings is able to pay interest on investments in as little as 7 hours. PGA is a high-speed cutting-edge analytical trading algorithm that uses a three-pronged approach to portfolio growth. Users can invest using a mix of fiat currency and cryptocurrency, providing added flexibility.

Investing in cryptocurrencies can be challenging for both beginner and advanced investors, which includes the process of undergoing know-your-customer (KYC) procedures, establishing a digital wallet, choosing the appropriate asset types, and monitoring the performance of their portfolio. Crypto asset management solutions like Prance Gold Holdings will make investing more accessible to all types of investors by managing the technical and operational aspects, providing growth without a high level of involvement.

The PGA system runs three sets of transaction data through the algorithm to produce three-pronged portfolio growth on different exchanges. The system provides fast settlement, zero currency conversion fees, and one-second transaction time accuracy, in addition to capturing up to 159 different trading combinations per second. Users can withdraw their funds at any time, providing a low-risk and high-liquidity investment option compared to conventional investment tools.

“In the world of crypto arbitrage, speed is the critical success factor, and the high-speed design of PGA ensures that all transactions are completed within seconds. The high liquidity ensures that clients can withdraw their profits and capitals at any time they wish–no contractual agreement and no lockdown of capitals,” says Andre Gerald, CEO of Prance Gold Holdings.

“An experienced management team, sound trading and investment strategies, and a proven triangular arbitrage algorithm provide clients with secure, safe and risk-free returns,” Gerald adds.

Prance Gold Holdings can benefit different stakeholders in the digital asset ecosystem. Investors gain from low barriers to entry, low risk, and high liquidity in their portfolios. Cryptocurrency exchanges benefit as a result of increased liquidity, higher trading volumes, and larger trading fees.

The PGA algorithmic model enables businesses to redefine the landscape of investments, loan portfolios, and arbitrage by providing users a very flexible means to invest their assets while providing significantly higher portfolio growth than traditional instruments.

About Prance Gold Holdings

Prance Gold Holdings is headquartered in Malta, Europe. The company’s main technology development unit is in Shenzhen, a world-renowned technology hub in China. The company’s main business model is to absorb various amounts of loans and quickly pay off the interest according to the amount and term of the loan. At the same time, it also provides loans to major companies that have stable and reliable projects but need short-term funding.

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