Popular Columbian Musician StaJe Endorses Meaningful Music; to Release his Upcoming Single on 22nd May

Internationally acclaimed Columbian Music Artist StaJe is releasing his upcoming single Jimmy Choos on the 22nd of May.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA / ACCESSWIRE / APRIL 27, 2020 / Music has changed tremendously over the years. However, one might argue that it has lost some of its diversity and poetic nature. Internationally acclaimed Columbian musician StaJE plans to bring some of that back and is releasing his much-awaited single “Jimmy Choos” on May 22nd, 2020.

Over the years, StaJe has released a number of singles – Edge, Afraid, Nightmares, All I Know, Swedish Truck, etc. and has received tremendous response from around the world. All of these reflected on issues like mental illness, single parenting, poverty, etc., and it is fair to say that most of StaJe’s songs depict some form of meaningful storytelling. His upcoming release Jimmy Choos is no different. In his words, “With this being my first single in a while I wanted to touch on the things I went through and still am going through.”

In an era where a large chunk of musical content is not authentic, StaJe writes his music all by himself and focuses majorly on expressing relatable stories through his music. Recently, he also opened his own record label Fam Entertainment and plans to bring more artists on board to collaborate and create some wonderful music.


StaJe is more than just Music Artist
I have been listening to StaJe’s music for quite some time now, and I must say that his songs articulate a very clear picture of the struggles and hardships of life. And that, I believe, is extremely relatable, as the songs are reality-oriented that have a lasting impact more often than not. That is the sort of music you would love to listen to! The response that he has received from across the world is a testimony to the fact that the audience has changed, and demands something meaningful!

However, StaJe also has other interests. He recently created a Go Fund Me account for the families in LA who could not afford a traditional gift-giving Christmas and presented 25 families with Christmas gifts right at their doorsteps.

StaJe also fosters a keen interest in fashion, and to pursue that, he launched his own self-funded clothing line – BlackGenes, which houses a whole range of fashionable clothing at affordable rates. With BlackGenes, he is endorsing the irrelevance of skin color in the pursuit of success in life.


Jimmy Choos releasing on May 22nd, 2020
With a personality so diverse, you can well imagine the passion and love that StaJe puts into his music. His upcoming single Jimmy Choose is releasing on the 22nd of May across all platforms. Like all of his previous songs, this one too is expected to be embraced by music lovers worldwide.

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