PickHVAC Conducts Unprecedented Residential HVAC Survey Unlike Any Other on the Market

The survey provides consumers with a host of critical information they need to make informed decisions.

SAN ANGELO, TX / ACCESSWIRE / April 23, 2020 / PickHVAC is pleased to announce it has conducted an unprecedented and highly informative residential HVAC survey unlike any other on the market.

PickHVAC is an online resource dedicated to providing readers with 100% unbiased, honest, and ethical information about choosing the right HVAC system for their home. The website provides independent, objective, and highly informative reviews on different brands of HVAC systems, without any HVAC companies pushing to recommend their products behind the scenes.

In recent news, the website announced it has released critical findings from its highly anticipated Residential HVAC Survey. This survey is the first residential HVAC survey of its kind, anywhere in the world, and focuses on key information consumers and contractors need to know about.

Information from the survey includes data in the areas of:

  • Brand reliability
  • What consumers want from their HVAC system
  • How to find a reliable contractor
  • How much HVAC components and systems cost
  • And other highly researched topics

“When we conducted this survey, we wanted to gather information that would be immensely beneficial to our readers, including consumers and contractors,” says Rene Langer, founder of PickHVAC. “From the information we were able to gather, we were able to arrive at multiple key conclusions that will be of great help to all our readers.”

For more information about PickHVAC, please visit https://www.pickhvac.com/. To read the results of the survey, please visit https://www.pickhvac.com/residential-hvac-statistics/.

About the Company

PickHVAC’s mission is to help homeowners select the most beneficial HVAC system for their property utilizing unbiased, well-researched, and reader-tested reviews. The website provides readers with a host of information on the topic of HVAC systems, including tax incentives, warranty compensation, HVAC zoning systems, installation costs, and so much more.

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