Max Bogdan Proves It’s Possible to Have an Illustrious Career at 18

LARNACA, CYPRUS / ACCESSWIRE / APRIL 19, 2020 / How do you find fame and entrepreneurial success at 18? Just ask Max Bogdan.

When Max was 14, he founded his first company in Germany, which focused primarily on digital marketing. Since then, he’s founded two additional companies and has been experiencing massive year-over-year growth in terms of revenue and employees.

Here’s what Max has to say about finding early success and what it takes to sustain it.

Three Companies in Four Years
Growing up in the social media boom, it was only a matter of time before Max discovered there were plenty of opportunities to improve the blooming industry – and make good money in the process.

His first real company, TrustFactory, was born when he was just 16 years old. His goal was to create a Software-as-a-Service product that could help companies build trust with their online audience. The platform is a link building tool that connects users with bloggers, newspapers, and other high-authority publications to grow and sustain an online reputation. Users can also connect with Instagram influencers and YouTube stars to earn shout-outs and tap into new audiences.

Max’s second company, Seolusion, builds on his backlinking platform for a full-fledged SEO service. Through building long-term partnerships and affiliates, Max and his team focus purely on SEO to improve organic reach without running ads or leveraging influencers.

Before his 18th birthday, Max started Bitehat – an internationalization company that helps organizations expand their international operations. Doing business across borders is a growing practice, and Bitehat capitalizes on the market by helping companies tap into new markets and develop their content to cater to local audiences within those markets.

Though varied in nature, each of Max’s businesses focus on one core goal: to help companies best position themselves online. In a recent interview, Max revealed that consumer content consumption is the driving force behind digital success and companies need to be prepared to meet their customers wherever they are online.

“In the long term, I suspect that this trend will continue and become more intense,” says Max. “That is why it is so important that companies position themselves correctly, and subsequently acquire customers. Acquisition will increasingly take place on the Internet.”

What Does It Take to Be a Young Entrepreneur?
Finding success at an early age is no easy feat, but Max has taken his flourishing career in stride. “It really wasn’t about entrepreneurship at the time, really,” admits Max. “I just had an idea, thought it was awesome, and wanted to run with it. And then I kept running.”

Max’s primary goal was to build a platform that would generate revenue and didn’t have a much bigger picture in mind. But as his project evolved, so did his vision for it, and he’s never regretted it.

“You need to be flexible enough to know when and how to adapt. Four years ago I never would have imagined the things I’ve created now, and it took some trial and error to get here. But now I’m excited to see where I go next.”

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