Korean Millionaire Invest in Fintech Platform Integrated AI & Blockchain Technologies

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA / ACCESSWIRE / April 25, 2020 / Fintech is becoming a fast-growing industry in the world today. The term is an amalgamation of the words “Finance” and “Technology” and it is associated with any business that uses technology to enhance or automate financial services and processes. As an industry, Fintech is becoming increasingly beneficial to both businesses and consumers.

* Kim Young Man, investor, and CEO of Bitrain

Fintech’s importance in today’s world cannot be over-flogged as they have available online and mobile services that make them easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection no matter the country in which they are located. Fintech also offers a cheaper solution to traditional solutions, have proven to be more secure, have a lower error rate, and also process complex transactions faster.

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain have enabled major strides in the financial technology (fintech) industry. The innovations of AI, such as chatbots and data processing, have helped financial institutions to increase their efficiency and earn higher profit margins. Blockchain, on the other hand, offers faster, cheaper transactions and more secure, permanent records. Blockchain also has the potential to dramatically reshape the capital markets industry, with a significant impact on business models, reductions in risk and savings of cost and capital.

AI and blockchain can simply be referred to as two of the most exciting innovations in the fintech industry. While AI technologies are helping financial institutions to save billions in customer service costs and have also streamlined the data analysis process. Blockchain is lowering the cost of transactions while allowing for a faster, more secure financial transfers, and simplifying the way financial contracts operate. In the coming years, AI and blockchain are expected to become major players in the fintech market and provide even more innovation.

As the Interest in Fintech continues to grow, various companies and platforms are starting to integrate it into their businesses and millions of investors are now taking a keen interest in the budding industry. One such investor is Korean Millionaire Investor, Kim Young Man, who have invested into a Fintech Platform that is integrated with AI and Blockchain Technologies, Bitrain.

Kim Young Man became a millionaire 15 years ago through his various investments in real estate, finance & pharmaceutical cosmetics. After venturing into an investment with Bitpoint Japan and Cryptocurrencies, he became officially ranked among the world’s top super-rich investors with over $30 million worth of assets. Kim Young Man’s total assets are currently estimated at over $300 million dollars.

Kim also owns a series of Fintech companies, including the trading Exchange network BITPOINT JAPAN & BITPOINT KOREA and a strategic cooperation relationship with more than 30 of the largest technology and financial investment funds in Japan & South Korea, with more than 1,800 major investors from 16 countries


He is known to have special love with new technologies as he has invested in 12 technology projects in the last 10 years, with his investment spanning across technologies such as biotechnology (Bio-Tech), Finance Technology (Fintech), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain.

Bitrain, the fintech platform in which Kim has invested in and is also the founder and CEO, is a platform that is set to become a pioneer in the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) into digitalization & security of financial assets, to optimize the speed & performance of financial transactions and connect infrastructures with a network of Fintech & E-commerce platforms.

The platform will also introduce a Digitalized Asset Protocols that will help it become a pioneer in Asia, especially in Southeast Asia, with a digital-capable technology platform that will help in the assetization of various fields, especially in the traditional fields, to ensure the absolute safety & security for all assets, investments & financial transactions on its platform.

The platform will help hundreds of potential FINTECH technology projects that are qualified to find suitable individual investors, helping each project to generate revenue & profit as well as yield billion high-profit for investors, thereby creating a comprehensive & global-scale

Financial Technology ecosystem.

Bitrain will indeed be a force to reckon with in the fintech industry as they offer so many features that will help them last longer in the game while causing problems for competitors. Its enhanced security features and decentralized nature are one of its strengths and as Kim Young Man said, “Bitrain will be able to create a revolutionary change in the global Financial Technology (Fintech) industry within the next 10 years.”

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