Justin Townsend AKA Big Smokey and His Music Industry Network

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 26, 2020 / Many will say that a person’s net worth can be measured by their network. This holds true for successful entrepreneur Justin Townsend. Justin began building his network at a young age when he started pursuing a rap career. Though he showed talent, Justin wasn’t getting the success he craved; however, through his time making music, he was able to network with valuable people in the industry.

Later in his life, Justin was offered a position at the major marketing company, California Finest.He was the VP of marketing there, and was able to make a name for himself in the industry. He began traveling across America to attend various trade shows and festivals. As his network and presence grew larger, so did his opportunities.

Justin started hosting events for High Times Magazine. Working the crowd on the main stage, Justin would entertain crowds of over 30,000 while working alongside major artists like Nas, 50 Cent, Chief Keef, Wu-Tang, and many more. He grew relationships with big-name celebrities, musicians, and entrepreneurs as he grew his social image as an entertainer.

Using his extensive network in the music industry, Justin has started Big Smokey Productions. Big Smokey Productions helps artists without financial backing to become the artists they have the potential to be. With his massive network and resources, Justin can get major features and exposure for the artists he works with. Justin plans to continue building Big Smokey Productions to an even bigger scale, and expand the number of artists he manages.

You can find Justin on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/loudpacksjay/

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Justin Townsend
Company: Big Smokey
Email: loudpacksclothing@gmail.com
Website: www.loudpacksclothing.com

SOURCE: Big Smokey

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