Jubilee Ace Announces US$80M Client Stimulus Package And Offers Growth Opportunities To Counter The Economic Slowdown

TOKYO, JAPAN / ACCESSWIRE / April 29, 2020 / Jubilee Ace is announcing a US$80 million stimulus package for users on its platform, in a program dubbed “Oasis 80”, which is part of the company’s efforts in helping grow the economy amidst the current economic uncertainties. Running from April 28 to May 31, 2020, this coincides with the company’s first-anniversary celebration. In May 2020, an additional US$1.7 million in cash prizes will also be drawn at its Mega Draw Bonanza–an event to be live-streamed to users on the Jubilee Ace customer portal.

The company uses algorithmic trading to arbitrage in various markets such as cryptocurrency, commodities, and sports. The current volatility brought about by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic is actually beneficial to high-frequency arbitrage trading since this provides higher yields from price differentials in the markets. The larger the pricing asymmetry and variations, the higher the yields.

Fluctuations in the markets have thus given Jubilee Ace a big advantage, with its core business experiencing steady growth even while many other industries are struggling to keep afloat. The decision to share US$80 million in incentives is, therefore, being met with acclaim by its users.

“Arbitrage benefits the most when there is high volatility. In this current economic situation, it is the best time to enter this industry,” says Tony Jackson, Chief Executive Officer, Jubilee Ace. “It is one way to survive or even thrive during an economic crisis.”

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about unprecedented economic decline across the globe, which economists are calling the “deepest recession on record.”

The US has already reached 20.6 percent real unemployment rate, with at least 33 million individuals filing for unemployment benefits in the year to date. In the UK, 27 percent of businesses have reduced their staffing, resulting in a tenfold jump in individuals applying for welfare benefits.

The International Labor Organization has said that COVID-19 will wipe out an equivalent of 195 million jobs. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development estimates that developing countries will need US$2 trillion to US$3 trillion over the next two years to get businesses and industries back on track.

This is an opportunity for cooperation among businesses, governments, and individuals in order to reduce the negative impact of business closures and lockdowns across the globe. “We are in a strong position today due to the faith and trust our clients have bestowed us,” says Jackson. “Oasis 80 is our way of saying a big ‘thank you’. We have a long tradition of incentivizing, and we will always explore more ways to further reward our beloved followers.”

About Jubilee Ace

Founded in the British Virgin Islands in 2018 with a paid-up capital of US$50 million, Jubilee Ace is an advanced data analysis company that specializes in multi-sector arbitrage opportunities on a global scale. The company started with traditional commodities trading arbitrage on exchanges before venturing into sports and cryptocurrency arbitraging. The company extracts and refines data, transforming these into monetizable strategies and actionable market decisions.

Jubilee Ace utilizes several real-time technologies that provide both new and experienced traders a fresh perspective on growing their portfolios through low-risk investments across various sectors. A strong focus on data and technology advancement enables portfolio clients to be assured their finances are in capable hands.

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