ICI Launches Online Discussion Forum for Current, Past, and Prospective Students

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / April 24, 2020 / The International Career Institute has launched an online forum for distance learning and careers discussion. Current forums include graduate success stories, a thread dedicated to interview tips and tricks, and others centered around careers and job discussions.

Contributors share their thoughts on online learning, links to career resources, both internal and external, and general discussion about education and career experiences. As more people contribute, we hope to see the forums expand to include more distance learning and careers resources for our students and the public.

Though intended for use by students past and present, the forum is open to anyone who wishes to create an account and join the conversation. Discussion between peers provides insight into ICI’s online-only model, which is different from the online models typically seen at traditional colleges.

ICI’s courses are designed with flexibility in mind to meet the needs of students who wish to further their education without putting their lives on hold. Courses are completed online at the student’s pace – there are no due dates on either assignments or exams and students are free to complete them as their schedule allows. This kind of continuing education allows students with careers and families to broaden their knowledge base and take the next step in their careers.

We believe this kind of flexibility is the next logical progression of online education and that is serves a population of students that traditional college fails. But a new way of doing things is always going to face skepticism. The ICI forum is here to provide honest insight from current students and clarity to students looking for alternative education options. We also hope this forum will serve as an educational resource on distance-learning programs for the larger public. We’re making strides forward in education and we want to tell you about it.

If you’re interested in learning more about ICI and our programs, please visit our forum here. You can also explore our programs and FAQs on our website.


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