How Lexi Vazquez is Helping All Businesses Grow Using The Best Technology and Services

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / April 27, 2020 / Lexi Vazquez is a tremendous entrepreneur who managed to close 1.2 million dollars in sales in only her second year of being a sales representative. She started working at the age of 15, along with her father in his company – Fast Forward Digital Solutions. While working with her father she learned a lot of valuable knowledge when it came to business and she even got a taste of selling there.

At just 19-years-old, Lexi was able to close a 100,000 dollar deal in Multifunction Printers. The experience in the business and sales field helped her very much, but also her tenacity and perseverance. Lexi is a true example of overcoming ageism in a male-driven industry and hopes that she can inspire others to never give up on their dreams and conquer their goals. This is how her entrepreneurship career took off, in 2019 she was named the #1 sales rep. in the State of Florida.

Lexi is an experienced account manager in the service and technology space. She is skilled in Customer Service, Sales, Public Speaking, Microsoft Office, and Social Media. Lexi is providing local South Florida companies effective methods of using state-of-the-art office equipment, the newest tech. in IT Management, and other business solutions. One of her bigger strengths is the fact that she is customer-orientated, focused on individualized services, and fulfills her clients’ needs. Lexi’s number one priority is to positively impact every aspect of her client’s business by providing superior hardware technology, innovative software solutions, a tailored budget, and exquisite customer service.

She is motivated to grow the client database by establishing win-win long-term relationships for both parties. She focuses on developing strong relationships with her clients while being authentic and transparent. Now she manages 400 accounts from all over the State of Florida, helping various businesses, from start-ups to large established companies, or even at home businesses.

Lexi Vazquez is a reliable expert who provides tailored business solutions and the best tech. on the market which can help any business grow. She is highly authentic, staying true to her business partners. Lexi has a successful human approach in the business field. Her career path wasn’t easy, but she succeeds to overcome ageism, be persistent, and perseverant to accomplish her goals. Starting her career at an early age, she used the failures as opportunities to grow and develop even better services.

It was hard in the beginning to be seen as a professional, due to her young age, but her qualities helped her overcome this. She keeps her promises and commitments, and this made her become trustworthy to her clients and she has proven herself as a top specialist in this field. Every time she succeeds, it builds up her self-confidence even stronger, confirming that she is on the right path.

Lexi Vazquez is an expert who can provide reliable services and help businesses grow. Her focus on quality customer services is a huge competitive advantage, letting her build long-lasting business relationships with benefits for both sides.


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