GUCS Climbed 100,000% In Opening Trade In LOEx International

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 17, 2020 / Since the inception of Bitcoin to the recent development of Ethereum, XRP, LTC and NEO, the global cryptocurrency market has proliferated dramatically over the past few years. However, as the global economic calamity deepened, the crypto market also took a hit. Global financial inclusive service platform GUC, however, has successfully turned the tide and they are still a leading force in the global crypto market. GUCS climbed 100,000% in opening trade when the trade pair with USDT was launched in LOEx International on 16th of April at 15:30 local time.

GUCS is a financial inclusive service platform developed by the GUC Club. GUC is a global professional Inclusive Financial service platform based on Blockchain technology. It allows users to enter the digital asset market with a low threshold. GUCS had the first roadshow as early as on 17/1/2020 in the United Nations Headquarter Conference Hall 1.

GUC’s core objectives are to take an efficient and transparent role in the decentralized economy and to achieve the credible circulation of assets on different blockchain networks. GUC also aims to improve the application scenarios in digital assets and financial services.

Through the complete intelligent credit reporting mechanism on the GUC network, GUCS aims to achieve global financial integration, digitization, transparency and standardization. GUCS network aims to serve the global financial industry in areas like international lending, international credit, international wire transfer, international transactions, international trade and international asset management.

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