Dental Equipment Company Sells Re-Purposed Sterilizer to Decontaminate N-95 Masks

CHESAPEAKE BEACH, MD / ACCESSWIRE / April 22, 2020 / Dental Equipment Specialists is pleased to announce that a manufacturer of one of the products the company sells has completely re-purposed its sterilizer to decontaminate previously used N-95 masks during the COVID-19 crisis. The unit concerned is CPAC’s RapidHeat™ High-Velocity Hot Air (HVHA) Sterilizer and it has been shown to assure viral inactivation as well as maintaining certified N95 respirator performance. This process ensures that the optimum number of possible mask reuses can be achieved. Interested organizations can learn more about Dental Equipment Specialists via their website.

There is a comprehensive report made available by Dr. Nelson Slavik, a senior microbiologist of CPAC regarding research undertaken into N95 respirator decontamination and how the use of CPAC’s RapidHeat™ (RH-N95 HVHA) Technology can assist this process at

Dental Equipment Specialists is based in Maryland and has been in business for more than 44 years. Al Irey, the founder, and owner of the company said that Dental Equipment Specialists is pleased to be able to assist health care providers by helping to make these sterilizers easily obtainable by hospitals during this extremely difficult time for the country.

“Of course, we want to help,” Mr. Irey said. “CPAC immediately stepped up to the plate when the mask shortage and sterilization needs were made public, and they reworked these units as quickly as they could. It is a New-York based company that is highly respected within its field. We’ve been carrying their products for some time.”

According to the manufacturer, these N95 sterilizers provide a fast, effective method of decontaminating masks without compromising mask performance. The machine can process up to 100 masks per hour. They go on to state that the machine is a convenient way for healthcare facilities to achieve the required level of viral kill, while maintaining mask performance and function.

Clearly, on-site decontamination by a medical facility will assure that personnel can receive their own previously used masks. Units can be installed in departments, floors, units or wings of healthcare facilities.

Interested persons and organizations can view their products online and contact DES if necessary. Dental Equipment Services has several full-time staff members who have extensive experience in their field. They are able to help customers determine which products to purchase, how to install and maintain them, and to understand different available options. In addition to the sterilizer, the company, of course, sells a number of items for dental practitioners – everything from handpieces to X-ray machines, operatory furnishings, and more.

Mr. Irey said “It is not acceptable that people are taking care of patients without adequate protection. Nurses have been putting their N-95 masks in paper bags after using them and hoping for the best. These units can eliminate that – and we can ship them worldwide. CPAC makes very good machines and has been in business for many years. We know that the people who are on the front lines of taking care of COVID patients – doctors, nurses, and dentists alike – can be kept safer as a result of using these units.”

The process does not use any water at all, the manufacturer states. CPAC also states that the RH-N95HVHA Decontamination System meets the criteria for market clearance contained in FDA’s March 2020 guidance documents. The RH-N95 unit completes its cycle in about 30 minutes and is said to be very easy to use. It has a touch screen which makes it simple to operate. The shipping weight is only about 109lbs.

Dental Equipment Company even offers financing in many cases through a company called Marlin. This would allow many organizations to purchase these units and pay for them over time. Mr. Irey said, “These machines could really put some minds at ease if organizations simply put them into use.” For more information, interested persons can visit the Dental Equipment Services company website, contact them by phone at (855) 877-0692. They can also be reached by email at

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