Actor, Screenplay Writer and Acting Class Teacher Bob Caso to Start Pre-Production on Feature Film “The Shelter”

“The Shelter,” Coming Off of Multiple Award Wins for its Screenplay, is a Dramedy that Explores Environmental Issues and How a Community Comes Together in Crisis

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 28, 2020 / Bob Caso, an actor, writer, producer and founder of the acting school Innovative Actor’s Studio in North Hollywood, California, is pleased to announce the start of pre-production on his feature film “The Shelter.”

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As Caso noted, he understands that because of the current COVID-19 pandemic many creative people throughout the Los Angeles area and beyond are facing challenges in continuing their careers. Because so many are currently on lockdown, they feel they do not have the opportunity to flourish and continue to produce their work.

This, in part, inspired Caso to start the pre-production on “The Shelter” and show the world that, despite the current situation and its challenges, people can still be creative, work hard, and entertain others.

“We keep hearing that the ‘industry’ is shut down. I don’t see it that way. The movers and shakers are still looking for content, maybe even more so now,” Caso said.

“I always find that the best time to create is ‘now,’ but now it’s even more imperative. People need to be entertained, and I love knowing that I can aid in that.”

Interestingly, Caso noted the plot of “The Shelter,” the screenplay for which he has already won multiple awards, is similar to what is currently taking place in the world. The film, which will be produced by Caroline Street Productions, is a dramedy that takes place in the sunny and sublime tropics of south Florida, but things change when tragedy strikes.

“Similar to what we’re all experiencing now, the characters of ‘The Shelter’ demonstrate who they really are by how they conduct themselves during a crisis,” Caso said.

In addition to his work as a writer, producer and as an acting coach, Caso has an impressive resume as an actor that includes “Beverly Hills 90210,” “Crusade,” and “Devious Maids,” as well as a multitude of commercial and voice roles. He is also the award-winning screenwriter and producer of the film “Between Waves”, which is available on Amazon and Tubi.

For people who are hoping to learn more about acting or any other creative field, but are unsure if this is the best time to start, Caso offers these words of advice:

“I would say this to any artist: now is the time to take that class you’ve been thinking about, write that book or screenplay. Do not let the current atmosphere hesitate or stop you – there will be a tomorrow, so be prepared to strike and win.”

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