The Unique Ways That Luke Lintz is Doing Business With the Highest Level Personal Brands Around the World

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 17, 2020 / Luke Lintz is a serial entrepreneur with starting more than 3 businesses at the age of 20. Luke is on his way to be actively running 3 corporations, all being over 7 figure businesses by the time he turns 21. He is being asked by millennials that are a part of his following, how he was able to reach his level of success. When we asked him the same question he simply put “It’s been a snowball effect over the past few years of giving the most value I could, in the areas and industries that are rapidly growing.”

Currently, Luke is focusing most of his time on his social media branding agency and social growth company that operate under the respective names HighKey Agency and HighKey Clout. The social media branding agency has been working on every aspect of what makes an elite personal brand. “We do complete full service management because we know the high level clients we work with need to be establishing a massive social media presence, but have no time to be working on these menial tasks. That’s where we come in,” Luke explains.

HighKey Agency is on track to win awards throughout the next few years of fastest growing agencies and best personal branding agencies. Their focus is on the main aspects of an online personal brand which is great content and articles. As of writing this article they currently have fifteen video editors, three graphic designers and a team of social media managers and growth specialists. Luke told us several times that any person who is going to be in business for the next 5+ years has to start establishing an elite social media presence, because it is becoming the basis of culture and is where all the attention currently is and will continue to exponentially grow.

Luke is at a miraculous place right now, and to most people it probably seems like he got very lucky. The truth of the matter is that Luke had impeccable timing, mixed with the combination of finding and capitalizing on needs in the market. He was able to see the arbitrage by taking advantage of the ever rapid growing platforms of social media. While the average person has been consuming content over the past four years, Luke has been working on how he can produce more content for himself, his brands, and his clients.

We asked how Luke’s businesses are operating and how they are being affected by the recent outbreak of Coronavirus and the plummeting economy. “Business has been running as usual. The fact of the matter is our clients are extremely high level clients, so the majority have savings, liquid investments, and cash flow that allows them to maintain their current structures during economic downturns and even recessions,” assured the serial entrepreneur.

With his most recent company, Luke knew he struck gold when he came across the idea of giveaways with his brother and business partner Jordan Lintz. The idea was specifically for Instagram giveaways, where they would work with large scale influencers and host a giveaway on their page. This idea led to the beginning of HighKey Clout. He immediately knew that this company was like striking gold because it’s a business model based around giving so much value to every person that is involved in the process. “The influencer receives a lot of value because my company pays them a large sum of money. The Influencers followers receive a lot of value because they all have the chance at winning a large giveaway prize. And finally our HighKey Clout clients that sponsor the giveaway all receive a lot of value because they gain all of the influencers followers during the giveaway to grow their personal brand,” Luke explains.

Every company needs to have some edge when coming into the market, to differentiate themselves from competition. HighKey Agency is very unique in their ways of doing full service management. They are not participating in any direct advertising methods, so instead of guaranteeing an ROI (return on investment), they are proving their model of building personal brands that will last a lifetime. The two brothers that started HighKey Agency are equally working on building and growing their personal brands as a way of showcasing the value they are capable of bringing to potential clients. As of writing this article, @lukelintz and @jordanlintz are both over a respectable 290k+ followers.

To start so many companies at such a young age, Luke Lintz explains what got him motivated in the beginning. He started his first corporation before he was legally allowed to sign the papers and be a co-founder of a business. At the age of 16 Luke started HighKey Co, a futuristic technology company. Like any great story, very few believed in the concept and his efforts to take this company from a name to a sustainable business. Luke pioneered this company with his brother Jordan as well, who was in university at the time. Together they had unique marketing strategies on social media that incorporated comedic and school videos while placing their HighKey products in every single video. A personal brand / company page hybrid. From this unique content they received a tremendous amount of hate across social media. Even at a young age Luke was able to conceptualize that hate was actually a good thing as it means that you are creating controversy and allows your message to spread faster. As Luke says “To make an impact on a community you have to inflict a strong emotion,” and over the years, that is exactly what he did.

Luke’s business journey definitely was not all sunshine and rainbows, as most successes come with some sort of failures. Within the first year of starting his ecommerce business, Luke incorrectly predicted the amount of inventory needed for a new product that was in development. This error led to a one hundred and fifty thousand dollar mistake with manufacturing costs, storage fees, and so much opportunity cost. This one mistake put a massive temporary stunted on the growth of HighKey Technology. “I believe that everything happens for a reason and I can genuinely say that if I did not make that inventory mistake I would have never started HighKey Agency, and in turn HighKey Clout which has led to unbelievable connections and a lot of high volume contracts,” says Luke.

Physical health is very important to Luke, but he’s also avid about the importance of his mindset. Just by being around Luke for a short period of time, you can feel his high energy and understand that he is very positive in his thinking. He has portrayed the ability to turn everything in his mind into positive thoughts and a positive outlook no matter how hopeless or negative it seems to the average person.

Luke attributes this attitude solely to the resilience that was built up with his tough childhood. Even though Luke and his brothers grew up with two loving parents that cared dearly about them, they were put through a wicked divorce that led to a tough period in his life. “I built up such a strong resilience barrier at a young age, that average problems are meaningless and I can easily withstand large problems. I look at every problem as small in the grand scheme of things, and that is why my resilience is the greatest asset I have,” says Luke.

This resilience plays a direct part in your mindset. Luke suggests that the average person doesn’t have a high level of resilience because they never went through problems or dynamics where the skill was trained and developed. This is why the average person shuts down when the going gets tough or not in their favour.

The mind is a very powerful place, and he relates very heavily with the famous book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. There are very simple concepts that outline how anybody can manifest wealth or anything they truly desire if their mind is set on the goal and they are willing to make sacrifices.

Luke stays running by keeping his goals at the top of his priorities and knowing that all he has to do is keep showing up and working as smart as possible to achieve any of his dreams. It is truly inspirational speaking with Luke and having the perspective of endless possibilities, no limiting beliefs, and very little negativity.

He wishes for anyone looking to do or learn about business to reach out to him over Instagram, @lukelintz.

(204) 698-6281
(204) 698-6281

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