Sales of Alpha Paw Puppy Pee Pads Spike as People Seek Relief From Empty Toilet Paper Shelves

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / March 20, 2020 / COVID-19 is creating consequences that have nothing to do with getting sick. Increasingly, people everywhere are scrambling to find household necessities like toilet paper on barren store shelves. Las Vegas-based online pet products company Alpha Paw is offering an ingenious solution: puppy pee pads as toilet paper.

Uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic has led to a global shortage of toilet paper. For whatever reason, people have been stockpiling – even hoarding – this particular item. As a result, shoppers at box stores, grocery chain stores and even local mom-and-pop stores across the U.S. and worldwide are finding paper goods aisles completely empty.

The reality of COVID-19 has led to some very creative workarounds. One is a much-needed alternative to traditional toilet paper brands and it’s borrowed from the canine world.

Alpha Paw CEO Ramon van Meer explains: “Puppy pee pads have always been one of our most popular pet products. But suddenly, we noticed a huge spike in orders. In fact, suddenly customers – many of them new to us – were placing hundreds of orders all at once.”

The puzzled company owner knew that people are staying inside and some cautious pet owners are buying puppy pads to compensate for not walking their dogs as usual. But then he saw a video posted by a clever teenager that might explain even further the huge uptick in business. The video showed the teen cutting up doggy pee pads into strips to use as human toilet paper and even shows him rolling the strips around the TP roller for easy access.

“I would never have thought to use puppy pee pads in this way. But it makes sense to substitute training pads for human toilet paper,” said van Meer. “Our Top Dog pads are five-ply. Even the softest, plushest TP is only two- or four-ply. From an absorbance standpoint, doggy pads are far superior but they are not flushable.”

To meet demand, the company has brought in extra staff. At the same time, they are discounting the price by 20 percent. “We’re trying to be good corporate citizens. Right now, our focus is on helping people through this crisis. We’re pleased to offer a product that can do double duty (or “doody,” perhaps?),” said van Meer.

As people adopt (no pun intended) puppy pads as their personal toilet paper, Alpha Paw makes no comment on the correct way to roll the strips. “Over, under … it’s all good,” concluded van Meer.

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