REAL ID License DUI Evaluations Offered by Braden Counseling Center

SYCAMORE, IL / ACCESSWIRE / March 23, 2020 / Sycamore, Illinois based Braden Counseling Center is pleased to announce that they are now offering DUI Evaluations to those who have been prevented from obtaining the new REAL ID driver’s license in Illinois due to an out of state DUI charge. According to the counseling center, many people are having trouble upgrading their license to the new REAL ID licensing system because the system automatically flags those who were charged with a DUI.

As noted on the company’s website, Braden Counseling Center is an authorized center that offers DUI Evaluations to help drivers get their license reinstated. A representative for the center, Brenda Butz, says, “The state of Illinois takes DUI offenses very seriously. In fact, the DUI law in Illinois mandates that an offender undergo a clinical evaluation prior to sentencing.” She explains that a DUI evaluation plays a crucial role in identifying whether someone poses a risk to public safety due to alcohol or drug use. The evaluation is also used by the court and the Secretary of State License Reinstatement to determine whether the offender’s license will be reinstated or not.

Butz explains that, during a DUI Evaluation, a counselor will examine the offender’s history for alcohol and substance abuse. An interview will then be conducted to collect crucial information in order to determine their likelihood of reoffending. During the interview, counselors are required to collect the offender’s demographic information, DUI charge details, prior drug and alcohol-related offenses, detailed alcohol and drug abuse history and other personal data that can help them assess the risk level of the individual in question.

Risk levels are divided into four levels: minimal, moderate, significant and high. After their risk has been ascertained, they have to complete a treatment plan (recommended in the Alcohol and Drug Uniform Report) to satisfy the statutory requirement (11-501.01(a) to ‘undergo the imposition of treatment as appropriate.’ For an offender assessed as a minimal risk, 10 hours of DUI Risk Education is required. Those tagged as a moderate risk also need to undergo 10 hours of DUI Risk Education, followed by 12 hours of early intervention (which is provided over a minimum of four weeks).

As noted on the counseling center’s website, there can only be one day of classes each week and no more than three hours in that day. In addition, if recommended by the evaluation, the defendant will be required to participate in an on-going continuing care plan to ensure full rehabilitation. Next, for offenders who have been determined to pose a significant risk, 10 hours DUI Risk Education is required, followed by 20 hours of substance abuse treatment. Mandatory participation in a continuing care plan is also mandated. Finally, those classified as a high risk need to undergo 75 hours of mandatory substance abuse treatment plus a strict participation in a continuing care plan.

Contact Braden Counseling Center today if you need to undergo a DUI evaluation that is honest, consistent and non-invasive. At Braden Counseling Center, we work hard to not only help you resolve your substance abuse problems but also help you get your driving privileges reinstated,” says Butz. Furthermore, she emphasizes that it is important to choose a trusted counseling center. Should a judge reading an evaluation suspect that a defendant has been less than honest about his or her substance abuse, the consequences can be more severe and longer-lasting.

Braden Counseling Center is a fully licensed provider of mental health services, which include counseling for DUIs, domestic violence and substance abuse treatment. They also offer individual counseling, couples counseling and more. Additionally, they provide clinical evaluation for DUI, anger management, alcohol and drug abuse, depression, ADHD/ADD and so on. Their patients are often pleased to learn that Braden Counseling Center offers a free initial consultation as well as a flexible scheduling that includes weekends. They also work with insurance providers and accept cash and credit card payment options.

“Braden Counseling Center provides quality outpatient behavioral health programs and services. We have become a leading provider of behavioral health services by responding to the needs of our community through our comprehensive counseling programs for substance abuse, chemical dependency and mental health services. Our practice is committed to assisting others in strengthening relationships, promoting change and building foundations of hope,” says Butz.

Complete details can be found on the center’s website. Alternatively, interested parties may connect with Braden Counseling Center via social media to stay up to date with their latest news and announcements.

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