Marvin Steinberg: What you need to become a Successful Entrepreneur

MAINZ, GERMANY / ACCESSWIRE / March 18, 2020 / Which character traits are necessary to make a difference? Do you really have to be a universal genius, a visionary or a lateral thinker? How do you turn an idea into a million dollar business?

The name “Marvin Steinberg” should be a household name for those who deal with digital currencies and blockchain technology. Marvin Steinberg is doing pioneering work in Germany by helping other companies tokenize their assets with blockchain technology with his company CPI Technologies, so that external funds are easier than ever before.

In the following, we list the most important stages in Marvin Steinberg’s entrepreneurial career and draw conclusions from what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur.

Marvin Steinberg: You have to be aware of your strengths

According to Marvin Steinberg, it doesn’t take Steve Jobs’ vision or Warren Buffett’s expertise to be successful. Rather, you have to be aware of your own strengths and know how to use them skillfully on the market. CPI Technologies, Marvin Steinberg’s newest company, helps companies of all sizes generate capital by tokenizing their assets – mostly even more than would be possible through a traditional IPO process.

“I have an economic background that is strongly focused on marketing. I am also very interested in new technologies, which helps me to predict future trends faster. This really helped my start-up in the energy sector. As a multiple company founder, I now see myself in a position to help other companies access external finance around the world. “

Every time you hear about successful entrepreneurs and business people, you automatically ask yourself if you don’t have what it takes. According to Marvin Steinberg , everyone can achieve great things. Steinberg’s recipe for success is logical and simple at the same time: “Walking with the times, believing in your strengths and finding a suitable purpose for this.” This principle runs through Marvin Steinberg’s entire career and, despite many difficulties, obstacles and setbacks, has always attracted him promoted the top position.

Marvin Steinberg: Every beginning is difficult!

What should not be neglected is how important good persistence is in the beginning. It is better to bring too much of this than too little. Especially at the beginning of a company, when nobody believes in you, you have to grit your teeth and hold on. “I was laughed at by both business partners and bankers when I told them I wanted to gain a foothold in the energy sector,” says Marvin Steinberg. Accordingly, he had to find the financial resources for his first start-up on his own. “If a businessman has a similar experience with his start-up, there can be two reasons. Firstly, he has a crazy business idea that can never be successful, or secondly, he is on the right track because his vision is far ahead of the times. “

How Steinberg changed the German energy sector

“I was young, naive, but had a clear goal in mind and knew how to implement it.” Marvin Steinberg had his first start-up in the energy sector and had to assert himself in an industry that was shaped by giants and immensely high Had entry barriers. Why had Marvin Steinberg tried to make a name in such a difficult industry to conquer? Marvin Steinberg has a clear answer: “The word ‘entry barriers’ is only valid if you play according to the rules of the long-established large corporations. If you structure your business model differently, you can elegantly bypass it. “

The energy giants had an advantage that Steinberg didn’t have: capital – and plenty. The size of the corporations and the long-established structures made the corporations seem almost lethargic to Steinberg. Above all, antiquated customer acquisition was Marvin Steinberg’s main point of attack: “While my competitors tried to acquire customers in the traditional way even a few years ago, my small energy startup managed to pick up the customers where they were picked up want – namely online. I not only have a high level of expertise in this area, but the implementation was feasible even for a small start-up. As a result, we were able to gain a large number of new customers in a very short time – the competition didn’t even know how it happened.

What can aspiring entrepreneurs learn from this short lesson? First, entry hurdles can be avoided by focusing on key business aspects that industry leaders ignore. In this example it became clear for the first time how Marvin Steinberg was ahead of his time and who, through digital customer acquisition, practically single-handedly promoted the German energy market into the 21st century. Nowadays, there is probably no longer an energy provider who does not do most of its customer acquisition online.

CPI Technologies: Marvin Steinberg’s digital fundraising initiative

After Marvin Steinberg had sold his energy start-up profitably, the businessman looked for new opportunities. Where is the best place to look? The answer is easier than you think. You should listen to your gut feeling and pursue your interests: “Even if I am not a technology expert, I still have a soft spot for new technologies. In recent years, I have been particularly fond of Bitcoin and the associated blockchain technology. I wondered if others had a similar idea, but I didn’t find what I was looking for. This was the starting signal for CPI Technologies. “

Blockchain technologies can not only be used for digital currencies alone, but also have many other possible uses. As a former company owner, it was clear to Marvin Steinberg that the external fundraising process is nerve-wracking and often does not generate as much money as the companies originally planned. The traditional IPO process is exhaustive and time consuming. The result was CPI Technologies. Marvin Steinberg’s company helps other companies of all sizes to generate capital by tokenizing their assets, mostly more than in the traditional IPO process. This is all possible nowadays thanks to Security Token Offerings (STOs).

STOs are based on blockchain technology and, in simple terms, are digital images of tradable financial assets – very much like a company share or a company bond. STOs are regulated by the state and have less stringent requirements for a company than traditional IPOs. From a company perspective, it is easier to attract large investors from all over the world, which leads to more money. From an investor’s perspective, STOs offer sufficient security and other advantages, such as dividends and equity shares. STOs are therefore a real win-win situation for companies and investors.

What does this example show us? Just like in the energy sector, Marvin Steinberg has managed to solve a problem for his customers: How can I get external finance the easiest? To achieve this, both foresight and some technical understanding are required. You don’t have to be an engineer, but you should at least have a good overview of the latest technologies and a feeling for using them in other ways.

Marvin Steinberg: Dream big, act bigger!

In order to draw people’s attention to themselves, a necessary portion of self-confidence and marketing understanding is required. According to Marvin Steinberg, entrepreneurs have to make a name for themselves: “It is no use having the best business model or the best vision if no one has ever heard of it.”

So how does Marvin Steinberg talking about yourself with CPI Technologies? Quite simply – he takes on top-class projects that automatically make headlines. CPI Technologies recently received an order to tokenize parts of the famous New York Time Square. Such a tokenization value has probably never been seen in history – the total tokenization is expected to bring in a total amount of $ 700 million. The mammoth project will start in 2020 and Marvin Steinberg hopes to make the benefits of STOs known around the world. “With our New York project, we want to show companies around the world what modern fundraising looks like in the 21st century. It also gives investors around the world the opportunity to make it clear that a marketing mindset can be of enormous advantage for every aspiring businessman. This mindset helps to promote ideas and to consider every opportunity from a marketing point of view.

This makes it clear that a marketing mindset can be of enormous advantage for every aspiring businessman. This mindset helps to promote ideas and to consider every opportunity from a marketing point of view.

Mindset, skills and self-confidence

What characteristics have made Marvin Steinberg what he is today? He was confident enough to be able to change something. He had the right foresight and a good overview of the latest technologies. He always focused on customers and always tried to solve their problems as best as possible.

Since difficulties will arise sooner or later, you should also have a lot of stamina. In the beginning, the resistance is great and you yourself are in a weak position. If you stay on the ball and have a good idea, your steadfastness will ultimately pay off. Marvin Steinberg was able to demonstrate this as well as possible with his energy start-up and with CPI Technologies .

Of course, every path is different, but it is still advisable to get some advice from the people who have already followed this path. Marvin Steinberg shows us impressively that Germany is just waiting to be turned upside down with fresh and new ideas by young innovators, lateral thinkers, visionaries and business people.

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