From A Small Company to Thriving Industry Authority: Here’s How Paul Fox Transformed LeTou

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / March 19, 2020 / Meet the CEO of LeTou, Paul Fox; he was born and raised in the gaming industry. Having managed some of his family’s local bookmakers full-time, he became a junior trader in Guernsey before moving to Manila in the Philippines in 2009 to set up an Asian trading office. Paul’s success in Europe and Asia took him to LeTou, where he helped turn the company into a recognized industry brand and was quickly promoted to CEO. At LeTou, Paul has helped to secure partnerships with major sports and esports teams, including FC Internazionale Milano, Swansea City AFC, and Fnatic.

Recognizing Opportunity

LeTou is an online gaming company in Asia. They provide customers with a platform to place online bets on thousands of sports and entertainment events across the world. The ease of their platform is something that appeals to customers and has allowed the business to enjoy substantial growth for the past few years.

When Paul moved to Asia a decade ago, he knew that the decision was going to be the making of his career. With a chip on his shoulder, Paul immediately started looking for an opportunity and blended himself in with the local community quite well to meet the right people. He was able to quickly build a network of contacts that helped him progress in the industry. He had to consistently show that he can be a valuable asset to gaming companies looking to grow, having a track record of success Paul had always been one to push the boundary of what was possible even further, an essential element for his continued success.

Going Above and Beyond with LeTou

Paul is a firm believer that every company has a responsibility to give back when they are in positions of power as there are always people who are less fortunate and need a helping hand. When the company secured the deal for LeTou to become the official shirt sponsor of the English Premier League club Swansea City AFC, one of the first things Paul did was give their entire season ticket and corporate hospitality allocation to two local charities that helped disabled and homeless individuals. Small gestures such as those have become a staple description of the type of character Paul shows.

Risk for Growth

For LeTou to have achieved what it has within the past five years was nothing short of hard work from Paul and the incredible team at LeTou. With that being said, it also required a large amount of Risk to reach those heights. Paul has been very adamant about taking risks in situations where other companies would shy away from. Whether the Risk is with their marketing efforts, sponsorship deals, or customer outreach, Risk has been praised as a philosophy for which their company is founded on.

Key Takeaways

Paul and his team are very evidently a very involved presence within their community; they add excitement to our already exciting and beloved sports. If you had to describe Paul and the team behind the rapidly growing company LeTou that would be “Determined.”


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