Smart Technology Market Break-through Alert: Gavin Smarter Technologies, Inc. is building Smarter Communities through Artificial Intelligence and software-enabled devices.

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / February 19, 2020 / Gavin Smarter Technologies, Inc (GSTI) is a Denver based smarter technology development firm, focusing on delivering user-friendly innovative products that create distinct smarter experiences. Original products listed include a revolutionary full-spectrum solution for the Real Estate Sector, a fully interconnected suite of Mobile applications (IOS, Android, IoT & IFTTT) complemented by commercial and residential smarter technology hardware, as well as advanced technology in broadcast media.

GSTI explains that launching this custom suite of revolutionary products is driven by consumers’ urge to shift to Interactive Technologies, Personal Management Systems, and Machine Learning Systems. The Founder/CEO of GSTI, August Lyons, believes that this global adoption of technologies is paving the way for true Artificial Intelligence, which is about to enhance every aspect of people’s routine life. Smarter Communities involve making direct and fluent connections between the way people live and the technology they use daily to interact.

GSTI’s platform is administered through Smarter Technology-controlled and enabled hardware, seamlessly integrating with the lives of consumers and business users through interactive apps. Its deployment widens boundaries of “usual” and “normal,” creating new definitions to spur advancements in lifestyle automation, entertainment, and business enterprise platforms.

GSTI is unique to leverage Android, iOS, and Web apps to provide exceptional user experiences and unprecedented end-to-end performance through sophisticated, interactive, and easy to navigate interfaces and hardware delivery systems. It makes GSTI stand out as the premier innovator in the smarter home/smarter community space. The IDC expects the market of connected home devices to reach 1.39 billion by 2023.

GSTI’s focus is simple: building smarter communities that result in a smarter world – today.

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SOURCE: Gavin Smarter Technologies, Inc (GSTI)

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