How MNL Media Is Taking Over The Digital Marketing Space and Putting Their Clients At Bliss

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / February 26, 2020 / Social media has been about connecting people together with their friends and family and being able to share their moments with each other, in the beginning. Times have changed with a massive shift in its ability to connect with others, this time bringing people together from all across the world and expanding the marketing business, with modern tools supporting content creators and marketers aiming to reach people of various audiences. With humble beginnings as your average college defying teenager, Matthew Lesiuk knew he was never going to the book smart person that society wanted him to be. With pressures to attend a university and earn a college degree, he instead chose his own path in becoming an entrepreneur. Striving to be a businessman, Matthew found his chance at financial freedom when he stumbled upon the inspiration for his future success, MNL Media.

From the age of 19, Matthew Lesiuk saw the benefits social media marketing had with the presence of social media influencers and was able to grow his own marketing agency to attain six-figure sums within 8 months of work. Growing MNL Media into one of the highest level agencies for Facebook Ads, located in Toronto, Canada. MNL Media has worked with some of the most prestigious social media influencers and organizations thanks to its massive outreach in the marketing world. Lesiuk is making it his personal mission to spread his success and now mentors others to help reach their business potential too.

From working at a local cafe to signing on with 2 clients from Canada’s largest real estate agency, Matthew Lesiuk made more money per month than he did working full-time shifts at the cafe. In today’s modern Renaissance, what sets the extraordinary apart from the ordinary are the ones who take the first step, starting out with a leap of faith. Lesiuk determined what it would take to live comfortably, then what would need to be made in order to be financially stable, found his mentors in other successful businessmen and took to learning the secrets of other entrepreneurs through books and the internet.

More than 2 billion active social media users are found on all different platforms using multiple social media platforms to their advantage as clever marketing tools to stay up to date with various trends in business, remaining connected with customers, and analyzing the ebb and flow of marketing and business trends. Matthew Lesiuk founded MNL Media seeing this big picture, turning social media into marketing opportunities. Being a highly skilled digital marketer, Lesiuk encourages the growth of other self-acclaimed entrepreneurs and acts as a YouTuber, posting videos about business and sales to help others thrive in an economic standpoint. He also runs his own company specializing in educating people called Agency Xlerator. Launching later in 2020.

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