Flashtalking Launches Beta Social Integration, Delivering Industry’s Leading Creative Personalization Management to Facebook and Instagram, Eliminating Siloed Channels

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 19, 2020 / Flashtalking, the leading global independent primary ad server specializing in open web creative personalization, is extending its expertise to social networks, beginning with Facebook and Instagram integrations. The move comes at a time when there are an estimated 2.7 billion social media users worldwide, and socially driven commerce continues to thrive. As sophisticated marketers strive to provide the consistent, personalized stories that customers across the open web and social platforms expect, Flashtalking’s Social Integration helps them capitalize on social’s unprecedented reach, delivering greater efficiency, creative control and personalization at scale.

Although social marketing increasingly influences consumers to make purchase decisions, this important marketing channel has historically been siloed from display and video campaigns, resulting in separate campaign management teams and strategy. Flashtalking is helping advertisers and their agencies close this gap. Also introduced in step with the Beta launch, Flashtalking’s vertical playbooks now detail how to adapt a brand’s personalization strategy in display and video into social marketing.

“Our commitment to enabling creative personalization at scale for marketers across all verticals is clear and constant, as we roll out vital solution after solution. Absolutely everything we deliver reflects this strategy,” said Flashtalking CEO John Nardone. “So, as consumer engagement-more and more often including ecommerce engagement and purchasing behavior-within the world’s largest social platforms has continued to rise, we’re thrilled to deliver this industrial-strength solution. The breaking down of channel silos offers extraordinary efficiency and scalability.”

Flashtalking’s new Social Integration extends its industry-leading Creative Manager, Campaign Manager and reporting capabilities to Facebook and Instagram ad formats. Clients familiar with the Flashtalking platform can now use the same trusted tools they’ve mastered in the past to deliver consistent customer messaging across social channels. Flashtalking’s unified reporting will seamlessly gather cross-channel data from the open web and social platforms in a centralized platform to holistically analyze campaign performance. This centralized, API-automated platform reduces time-consuming manual tasks, allowing marketers to personalize, monitor and optimize across all social channels at once.

Going forward, Flashtalking marketing clients and their agencies will enjoy the following benefits:

  • The ability to easily build and manage social creative
  • Personalization based on demographics, interests, location, time, and more
  • Management of scheduling and rotation of all social creative in one platform
  • The ability to view performance of social and open web in a consolidated interface
  • Streamlined workflow for personalization and reporting

Flashtalking anticipates full-scale market roll out of Social Integration in May 2020. For more information, please contact sales@flashtalking.com

About Flashtalking
Flashtalking is the leading global independent primary ad server and analytics technology company. We use data to personalize advertising in real-time, independently analyze its effectiveness and enable optimization that drives better engagement and return on spend for sophisticated global brands.

Our platform leads the market with innovative products and services to ensure creative relevance and actionable insights across channels and formats, powered by unique cookieless tracking, data orchestration and advanced analytics. We support clients at the crossroads where data, personalized creative and unbiased measurement intersect with expertise, service and a deep partner ecosystem to drive successful digital marketing.

Born in the UK, Flashtalking is jointly headquartered in London and New York and established worldwide. Its presence spans the globe with offices in Barcelona, Paris, Cologne, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Leeds, Sydney, Singapore, San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles. For more information visit www.flashtalking.com

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