E-commerce Expert Lucas Jackson Shows How to Build Dropship Business in the New Age of Marketing

In a changing digital marketing era, more and more people are seeking to undertake new challenges to build their own business. World wide web has brought an enormous opportunity by providing a platform that anyone can access and take leverage to get started with their entrepreneurial journey. Popular influencer and digital marketing expert from Albuquerque, Lucas Jackson brings a fine example to help people utilize technology to start with their business ventures with his recently announced Dropship Mastery

ALBUQUERQUE, NM / ACCESSWIRE / FEBRUARY 25, 2020 / It can be extremely difficult to know exactly where to start and what type of business will be successful enough to become an entrepreneur. There is a lot of information out there, so it is necessary to examine things thoroughly and create an action plan to prioritize your resources, as you develop the business plan of your online business. For those who are just beginning to explore the world of e-commerce, surely the first set of questions that come to mind are, “what products should I sell” and “where can I buy them.” In fact, getting stuck in this dilemma is one of the main reasons why many people don’t make that leap to start their own e-commerce business. Indeed, choosing what to sell in your online store is not as simple as buying the most products you like, posting them on your website and sitting down to see how the inventory sells.

In this sense, you must establish a strategy to identify a set of products or a niche market that is in vogue and is not easy to find in stores or on popular e-commerce sites like Amazon. Therefore, taking the generic path and choosing to sell books or jewelry will probably lead your store to fail, because there are thousands of shops covering those demands. Instead, it makes more sense to go for more specific products that appeal to a particular audience. Delving into the world of dropshipping is an excellent way to experience the beauty and independence that comes with being a business owner. Since you don’t have to stock the items that you’re selling, it’s perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs who don’t have a big purse to splash from. Also, creating an e-commerce site is much easier today than ever before due to e-commerce platforms being user friendly and designed with beginners in mind.

A decade ago, entrepreneurs like Lucas Jackson didn’t have access to several tools that make doing business easier today on e-commerce platforms, but after launching his e-commerce store in January 2010, he was still able to hit a whopping $1.2 million in revenue, in just 13 months. Since then till this day, he has continued to generate millions in online sales every year, proving that the market is still an untapped gold mine. The story of Lucas Jackson is one that can inspire any aspiring entrepreneur. He is a figure that has succeeded in driving innovations in his industry at a young age. His view of business people are those with restless minds, who continuously launch new projects. Before hitting e-commerce stardom, Lucas was like every other young, hardworking person out there, striving to get a taste of a better life. He was working random jobs from call centers to sales jobs, trying to find his footing in the ever competitive labor market. For a young man who had big plans for his future, this was certainly not the way to go. A simple reality check was all he needed to fuel his determination to chase a life of financial freedom.

While working at a local retail store, making minimum wage, Lucas took a bold step to start off a new challenge as a dropshipper. He was passionate about being self-employed, controlling his time, and most especially, his finances. One night, he returned from work, only to realize that he had run out of gas and had no money to refill. The feeling of desperation, while he dug through his car seat for spare change, is something that still lingers in his mind till today. According to him, desperation played a major role in his success. One that fueled him to start a new challenge in life. “Desperation beats motivation any day. Motivation is temporary, but when you are desperate you are willing to push yourself to limits unseen.” March 2010 was a month that Lucas will never forget. This period marked his first big breakthrough in dropshipping. Lucas hit his first six-figure month by selling selfie sticks. He was able to sell this item that went viral before they even hit stores. Lucas was able to capitalize on the trend of “selfie’s” and combined it with something that solves a problem “selfie stick” and that was how he knew he had his first winning product.

Lucas moved from being an amateur dropshipper to a pioneer in e-commerce. The competitive market advantage he had gathered within that period attracted partnership from notable figures. He secured deals which included: doing marketing campaigns for an e-commerce website owned by Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary (Mr. Wonderful). Development and marketing for sunglass brand “Nopeet Sunglasses” which he was able to grow by getting the sunglasses in the hands of A-List celebrities like Billie Eilish, Bad Bunny, among others. A decade of experience and success has inspired Lucas to focus on helping others open the floodgates of dropshipping success, with proven strategies and personalized techniques. He also offers a trailblazing dropshipping automation program in which he has numerous clients making six-figures a month. In addition, Lucas also offers a free e-commerce course called “Dropship Mastery” that takes his students through an easy and effective process on how to launch a profitable dropshipping business from scratch. The course is designed to help anybody who’d like to begin with the dropshipping by providing all the necessary tools and resources to walk them through innovative strategies of building a successful e-commerce business. More details about Lucas Jackson can be found at: https://www.manifestingwealthmarketing.com

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