Top Wisconsin Auto Repair Shop Adds Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Calibration To Service Offerings

Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers Now Has ADAS at all Three Convenient Locations

BROOKFIELD, WI / ACCESSWIRE / January 9, 2020 / Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers has added ADAS systems calibration to their service offerings as of December 2019! ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) are specialized safety functions car manufacturers have introduced to newer vehicles that help protect the driver and reduce the overall number of vehicle accidents. You may not have heard the term ADAS before, but you are likely familiar with several of the systems. They include adaptive cruise control, rear collision warning, and blind-spot detection, among several others.

ADAS systems require incredibly precise calibration to ensure they function properly. This means the sensors, cameras, and radars that make up these systems must be positioned accurately. If the position of the ADAS is off by even millimeters, it compromises the functionality and can lead to unintended, and often dangerous, consequences. That is why the experts at Silver Lake Auto Centers have decided to lead the way with this technology. They also have the ability to calibrate the ADAS systems of all makes and models, so no customer will be left behind.

ADAS calibration is needed virtually anytime that the systems could have been compromised. This could include vehicles that have been in accidents (even very small accidents) or have had their windshield damaged or replaced. Calibration can also be necessary if your vehicle has had a wheel alignment, a change in suspension, or basically any alteration in the position of the ADAS system or the vehicle itself. If there is any question if ADAS calibration is needed, then it is better to be safe and have the systems checked for accuracy. Stop on into one of Silver Lake’s three convenient locations in Oconomowoc, Hartland, or Brookfield for ADAS Calibration near you! Give us a call or make your appointment at

Want to know more about ADAS systems, what they do, and how they work? Click here to read on for information about the current systems available in many newer vehicles today.

Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers is a family-owned and operated auto service center serving Oconomowoc, Hartland and Brookfield, Wis. and their surrounding areas. The shops have received prestigious recognitions, such as being recognized as the Automotive Training Institute Top Shop, being Repairpal Certified, AAA Approved and BBB Accredited. The shops are part of the NAPA AutoCare program, among having other industry certifications. Stay connected with Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers on Facebook or Twitter.

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