Simple Fintech Enpowers Exchanges’ Liquidity with AI-Based Algorithmic Trading Technology

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 8, 2020 / Recently, Simple, a cryptocurrency market maker, officially announced that its AI automatic trade programme, with advanced risk control and assessment system, has made a new breakthrough, and has launched to serve Exchanges or other trading venues.

In the financial market, market makers play an important role in providing liquidity for the market and executing transactions immediately. Especially for emergying exchanges, market makers can offer liquidity by bidding, and then stabilize the price gap by adjusting liquidity. In the traditional financial field, banks or brokers usually offer market making services. Similarly, in the digital financial field, such roles are needed to activate the market.

In the crypto financial market, market makers have developed to provide new services specifically for the digital asset industry, which stems from the new opportunities in the crypto financial market: with the development of blockchain technology, the crypto market has realized 7 * 24 operation. Compared with the status in stock market such as Nasdaq or NYSE, the number of cryptocurrency exchanges and the demand for liquidity are both greater. Thus, liquidity is the core competitiveness for the development of exchanges. Market makers can help to obtain deeper liquidity, especially in the period of extreme price volatile scenarios.

It is reported that Simple Fintech is a liquidity service platform established by senior traders, technical engineering experts, AI scientists and other elites. With the help of AI technology to develop quantitative trading and investment strategies, it has provided liquidity services to nearly 100 institutions around the world. Specifically, through the combination of AI intelligent technology and deep robot-learning algorithm, it can effectively process millions of data points in real time and capture more information that the statistical model cannot provide. Through machine learning, the AI quantitative trading system developed by Simple Fintech can continuously upgrade the portfolio of investment strategies, explore the characteristics and applicable scenarios of various investment strategies, and make intelligent selection and transaction execution in the changing market environment. In addition, AI will monitor its own process and generate real-time evaluation results as the basis for decision-making for the investment team.

Simple Fintech has increased technology investment and continuously applied the latest scientific research results, while closely following the market demand and improving service capacity. “With the help of AI technology, we design algorithms for automatic market making under different market conditions to achieve efficient transaction matching. At present, there are hundreds of mainstream strategies that can be applied to the production implementation, but we always adhere to the manual governance outside the technology, and the risk control experts of the transaction team are online 7 * 24 hours to ensure that the transaction risk is controllable and provide customers with safer and more stable service. ” Said Cheng, a Simple Fintech developer.

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