Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club Announces Top Three Commodore Positions in 2020 to Be Held by All-Female Leadership

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club (BCYC) proudly announces its three top Commodore positions for 2020 will each be held by a woman—a unique, perhaps even unprecedented moment in yacht club leadership in Southern California and beyond. There have only been five female Commodores of BCYC in its 60-year history.

At the helm beginning in 2020 is Commodore Ginny Lombardi, who has been an active member of the club since 2006. In her position, Commodore Lombardi will act as the chief executive officer of the Club and will be responsible for the overall general supervision, direction and control of the business and Officers of the Club.

“My goal is to support the mission and purpose of BCYC, and to reinforce its reputation as the ‘friendliest club on the bay,’” says Lombardi. “I am greatly honored by this vote of confidence by our membership and its Directors, and thanks to the great leadership of outgoing Commodore Steve Moffett, the transition is moving forward smoothly and inclusively. Our goal in 2020 is to continue providing members and their guests the best possible experience a private yacht club can impart.”

Second in command is Vice Commodore Rhonda Tolar, who joined BCYC in 1999. In her new role, Vice Commodore Tolar will be the next in command of leadership should there be an absence or disability of the sitting Commodore. Vice Commodore Tolar will serve as liaison between the Board of Directors and water-based committees and activities. She will chair the Steering Committee and act as liaison between the Board and Club personnel in conjunction with the Club’s human resources functions.

“Each of us brings unique skill sets and personality to our new roles,” says Tolar. “The three of us have worked closely for years in various leadership roles and capacities at BCYC. Not only are we friends and colleagues, I consider us like family. We care deeply about the Club and each other, we communicate well and we have our eye on the big picture to keep the Club vibrant and thriving. It’s going to be a fun year!”

Rounding out the three top leadership positions is Rear Commodore Kari Konapelsky, who joined BCYC in 2007. In her new role, Rear Commodore Konapelsky will assist Commodore Lombardi and Vice Commodore Tolar in the discharge of their respective duties, and will officiate in their absence when necessary. She will act as liaison between the Board of Directors and land-based communities and activities. Konapelsky said, “I am honored to serve beside these brilliant, strong and dedicated women!”


Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club was founded in 1958, celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2018. Member-owned and known as the ‘friendliest club on the bay,'” BCYC offers a family-friendly atmosphere where power or sailboat owners share a first-class facility offering comfortable amenities and a well-rounded calendar of events.

The Club was named Club of the Year by the Southern California Yachting Association in 2011, 2008, 2005, 2003, 1996, 1995 and 1994. BCYC offers fine dining, social activities, cruising events and a Junior Sailing program year-round. Additional amenities include a heated pool and indoor boat storage. The club also boasts 64 slips and guest docks in their privately owned marina. BCYC members enjoy worldwide yacht club privileges, with reciprocity in yacht clubs around the world.

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