WebSafety Will Be Launching Its’ DriveSafety App in Early 2020

DriveSafety the App that Disables Mobile Phones from Texting and Other Driving Distractions Will Launch in Early 2020

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / December 19, 2019 / WebSafety, Inc. (www.websafety.com) (OTCMarkets: WBSI) WebSafety announced that its new DriveSafety app will launch in early 2020 and the new DriveSafety app website has gone live and can be found at www.drivesafetyapp.com.

Rowland Day, Founder and CEO, stated, “The habit of distracted driving and particularly texting while driving is one of society’s biggest safety risks as drivers choose to continue these dangerous habits. State governments, safety organizations, car insurance companies, and even AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint are admonishing drivers to refrain from distracted driving. Asking only goes so far-it was time to create a solution to make the world’s highways and roads safe. Distracted driving is a needless activity with severe consequences.”

“We are excited to launch the DriveSafety app in early 2020. It has been completed and tested. Additionally, the DriveSafety app has wonderful telematics that will help each driver improve their driving habits and may be shared and used by third parties.”

“The DriveSafety app will be distributed as a Freemium model allowing for some basic free features with a subscription upgrade to utilize all features. We will have an inexpensive price for the individual, family, or a site-license for an organization which will be negotiated separately.”

“We have already received a great deal of interest from car insurance companies, state agencies and other organizations about using DriveSafety.”

For more information, please contact:

WebSafety, Inc.
Rowland W. Day II
Tel: 949-642-7816
Email: rday@websafety.com

About WebSafety

WebSafety is a software company that has created mobile apps for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems. The WebSafety app allows parents to monitor questionable and potentially harmful content or a direct predatory exchange that occurs on their child’s mobile device. The WebSafety app monitors downloaded apps, websites visited, social media, GPS tracking, allows curfew blocking, and provides real time notifications to the parent. The parent uses a real time dashboard on their desktop, laptop or mobile device to stay informed of their child’s activities.

The DriveSafety app disables the mobile device from texting and performing other related distractions while driving a vehicle. The DriveSafety app also supplies driving telematics to the driver or additional concerned parties in order to create a safer driving experience for those in the vehicle and for those on the highways and roads.

SOURCE: WebSafety, Inc.

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