Vlad Rigenco Announces New Features for his App “Dood”

New “Dood” mobile app acts as professional live streaming tool

VAUGHAN, ONTARIO / ACCESSWIRE / December 12, 2019 / Vlad Rigenco is happy to announce new features of his mobile app, Dood, a professional live streaming tool that makes live streaming easy.

After his visit to Lisbon, Portugal where Vlad Rigenco and his team represented Dood at this year’s Web Summit, Vlad decided to integrate new features into the app that would allow people to live stream to multiple platforms at once.

Dood is a live streaming tool for people to discover live content and live stream to different social media channels at once and engage with their audience in real-time. With Dood, modern professionals can broadcast their business and life experience to a global audience.

Vlad Rigenco is an entrepreneur from Vaughan, Ontario. He announced the creation of the mobile platform in February 2019. He developed the idea and vision for Dood Live Stream when he noticed that live streaming is becoming a dominant trend in our culture.

“More and more I see people live streaming to social networks,” says Vlad Rigenco.

“This ultimately means that it’s just a new beginning to a new medium.”

Dood Inc. recently launched its beta version.

About Vlad Rigenco

Both an entrepreneur and the Founder of Dood, Vlad has always been committed to his work and clients. Vlad believes that more than ever technology has connected people around the world, but at the same time it has disconnected us in unimaginable ways. He turned to live streaming as today’s most authentic form of communication and decided to develop on this notion. From this, the idea of Dood Live Stream was born. A live stream platform is the best way for individuals to engage, connect and foster relationships in real time.


Vlad Rigenco

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