PubPlus Launches the PubPlus Lab, Center of Excellence and R&D for Profitable Publishing in the Post-Organic Era

Lab Helps Publishers Diversify, Explore and Scale on New Emerging Platforms

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL and NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 11, 2019 / PubPlus, providing the industry’s leading revenue attribution platform for publishers, has formally launched the PubPlus Lab, a workshop and center of excellence to support publishers in a “post-organic” landscape, where revenue diversification and paid content distribution have become vital to success.

The company services those clients who have historically relied on social networks to reach and nurture their audiences but have been impacted by the ever-changing rules of engagement with these platforms. As Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social networks are becoming less reliable as a means to gain and sustain organic reach, PubPlus Lab delivers critical analysis, models and actionable insights for all publishers operating in the paid social and native publishing space.

Housing research and development into the science of profitable publishing and built upon the company’s own profitable publishing operation, PubPlus Lab serves as a proving ground for publishing profitable content. Revenue attribution analysts examine trends and draw insights that help PubPlus clients streamline efficiency and maximize profits.

“Thanks to the growth of our properties, carefully analyzed in real-time, we are uniquely able to glean and deliver deep insights, trend analysis and practical models for profitable publishing. Strategic, well diversified paid content distribution is mandatory for success today,” said Gil Bar-Tur, CEO and Founder of PubPlus.

“This is core to how we partner with our clients. They benefit from our proving ground, the only one in the industry in fact, and now we’re pleased to announce the formal launch of PubPlus Lab, an R&D hub and center of excellence built on the bedrock of this deep experience,” continued Bar-Tur. “Because of what we’ve learned, our clients are positioned for the best possible business outcomes, by extending their reach and their programs well beyond the orthodox, organic means they’ve typically used to generate revenue. We are helping them realize the deep importance of publishing revenue diversification – and to realize even more significant gains in the future.”

A Look Inside PubPlus Lab

  • A workshop drawing on our long-standing publishing operation, across multiple geographies and platforms — as providing ground
  • R&D capabilities, expert staff and machine learning forecasting tools
  • Patented models for best practices in profitable publishing

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About PubPlus
PubPlus provides a technology platform and a first class, no hassle service that maximizes publishers’ ROI and scales their content on the most profitable channels. This way, publishers can focus on creating great content, and we ensure that it makes them money.

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