OJESH Hyaluronic Acid Research and Development Made a Breakthrough, Lots of Technologies Gained German Patent Certification

SHENZHEN,CHINA/ ACCESSWIRE / December 21, 2019 / In recent years, Germany Jassen Group has made many breakthroughs in the research and development of hyaluronic acid. The light luxury skin care brand of the group, OJESH, has the production technology of hyaluronic acid with the minimum molecular value. Moreover, a number of technologies used during the production have obtained German patent certifications. In particular, the biodegradable extraction micromolecule technology and HTN patented extraction technology are highly acclaimed internationally.

Recently, hyaluronic acid skin care has been loved by the many women. It is the light luxury skin care brand, OJESH,  owned by Jassen Group from Germany, that managed to keep the molecules of its hyaluronic acid as small as possible. OJESH hyaluronic acid’s molecular weight is between 3000-5000 Dalton – it’s almost the world’s smallest hyaluronic acid molecule. The smaller the molecular weight, the easier it is for the hyaluronic acid to be absorbed by the skin, the better the hydrating and moisturizing effect are. At present, the reference value of small molecule hyaluronic acid is decreasing under the endeavor of science and technology.


Large-molecular weight hyaluronic acid (molecular weight range: 1 800 000 ~ 2 200 000 Dalton)

Small-molecular weight hyaluronic acid (molecular weight range: 400 000 ~ 1 000 000 000 Dalton)

One hyaluronic acid molecule can lock up water more than 6000 times of its own weight

A research has shown that OJESH hyaluronic acid molecules can lock up water more than 6,000 times its own weight. This small molecular-weight hyaluronic acid from Germany has adopted a number of cutting-edge technologies that obtained German patents. The first micromolecular technology of biodegradation extraction and HTN™ patented extraction technology are currently at the international leading level in the research and development of hyaluronic acid. Here are some examples:

Patented technology: The pioneering technology of biodegradation extraction of micro-molecules

Extraction of micro-molecules through biodegradation utilizes glucose as a carbon-sourced fermentation broth. Grain is fermented in the culture medium for 48 hours, after which filtration is used to remove mycelium and impurities. Afterwards, alcohol precipitation and other purification operations are used to obtain high purity hyaluronic acid. OJESH’s patented technique of biodegradation of micromolecules greatly improves the integrity of hyaluronic acid, allowing the structure of molecules that are automatically melted to stay in the skin for a long time.

Patent certificate of OJESH

Patented technology: HTN™ patented extraction technology

The technology was developed exclusively by Dr Wolfgang Schatton (the academic advisor of OJESH’s brand) and his team. With HTN™ extraction technology, the essential active ingredients can penetrate into the skin several times faster than normal within the same period of time, with high efficiency and durability. After entering the dermis, they can quickly activate the growth of cells, replenish skin nutrition and promote skin metabolism.

Patented ingredients: Alpine edelweiss

Alpine Edelweiss grow in high mountains ranging from 1, 700 to 4, 500 meters. Intense stimulation and extreme temperature changes make it rich in natural chlorogenic acid and highly capable in self- repairing. It has significant effects on regeneration and activation of damaged basal cells, scavenging free radicals, and relieving and anti-inflammatory. The ingredient is currently patented in Germany.

Using technology to restore authentic beauty

Originated from Germany, OJESH adopts excellent patented technologies, and has established a distribution system in Europe, China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia, United Arab emirates, Canada, southeast Asia and other countries and regions. OJESH’s small molecule hyaluronic acid is convenient to use, and the effect is seen and proven. In just a few years, it has gained worldwide consumers’ recognition.

Inpired by nature and powered by science, OJESH restores the most natural beauty of women. Through independent research and development, exploration and breakthrough, OJESH enables more people to enjoy the new experience brought by science and technology. This is a precious gift that technology has given to contemporary women and deserves to be given to all.

OJESH headquarters, Shenzhen, China


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