Looking for the Right Help Desk Software? Here Are 10 Top Options

Customer service is increasingly becoming a key driver of business growth. With increasing competition, buyers prefer to buy from brands that provide them with positive customer experience. For businesses, the cost of poor customer service is too high to bear.

According to the available statistics, 33% of customers in the US would quit buying from a company after experiencing one poor service one instance. Further, 96% of customers consider customer service a critical factor in determining the brand they want to be loyal to.

It is this demand for better customer service that has increased the adoption of help desk software by businesses across the globe. The best help desk softwaremakes it possible for businesses to receive customer queries and track their resolution. It serves as a point of contact for receiving customer issues and fixing them. Businesses that use help desk systems are able to:

  • Solve customer queries instantly and accurately
  • Manage all customer queries on a single platform
  • Share customer queries with different departments
  • Collaborate with support teams to provide an efficient solution

With so many help desk software available in the market, how can you narrow down on one tool that best meets the customer service needs of your business? In this blog, we provide details about the top 10 help desk software to help you with this.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Help Desk Software

  1. ProProfs Help Desk

This cloud-based help desk comes with numerous features that enable businesses to give customers the best service experience. ProProfs Help Desk softwareenablesbusinesses to increase the efficiency with which they resolve customer issues by:

  • Simplifying how they manage customer-facing inboxes
  • Facilitating collaboration among customer support teams
  • Empowering customers to resolve their issues
  • Streamlining communication both internally and externally

Ideal for businesses of any size, ProProfs Help Desk Software makes it possible for support teams to manage emails using internal notes, labels, and priorities. This allows for fast resolution of issues and timely provision of expert responses. As the best helpdesk software, it comes with a knowledge base function that enables companies to reduce customer tickets by up to 80%.

Source: ProProfs

Businesses can also create staff knowledge to give employees speedy access to guides, tips, manuals, and other documentation so that they are empowered to handle customer issues and questions intelligently. To ensure customer support teams focus on the most important tasks, ProProfs Help Desk software helps businesses to automate ticket generation processes. This frees customer reps from manual tasks of creating tickets leading to more productivity including resolution of customer issues.

Beyond this, the free helpdesk software captures customer feedback once a ticket gets resolved. The team believes that it is a critical aspect of customer service. With survey functionality, businesses get to hear what their customers’ experience. Such feedback collection is critical to shaping the future of customer support at an organization as well as business decisions.

Some key features of ProProfs Help Desk software include:

  • Shared inbox function
  • Customer surveys
  • Knowledge base
  • Mobile device optimization
  • Ticket prioritization, routing and tracking
  • Live chat
  • Agent reports and analytics

Pricing starts at $39/month yearly. The software also supports free plan for startups.

LiveAgent allows customer support teams to interact with customers in a flexible way. As one of the options in the help desk ticketing software list, this one facilitates multi-channel communication and supports the integration of emails, social media posts and live chats on a single interface. It integrates well with company knowledge bases, enabling customer reps to solve issues more efficiently and with speed. LiveAgent differentiates itself from other help desks through its uncommonly simple and fast setup process.

Companies that opt for this help desk system can expect to set it up and learn how it operates in a matter of minutes. LiveAgent help desk offers users a single, universal inbox that is simple to use. Though single inboxes and contact forms may be viewed negatively by some, this help desk has gone a step further to simplify and automate customer requests, ticket storage and sending processes. This ensures that no requests or tickets fall through the cracks.

Source: LiveAgent

Further, the inbox on this best help desk ticketing software does a good job when it comes to managing and responding to customer requests since the system has all the information in it. Some interesting features available for companies that opt for this help desk software include:

  • Detecting agent collision
  • SPAM filters
  • Service level agreements
  • Social media integration
  • Hybrid ticketing system
  • Customer portal and knowledge base

Pricing starts at $15/month.

This help desk software works for both big and small companies. It is embedded with several customer support functionalities that facilitate the fast resolution of customer issues including game mechanics,  live chats, and phone support.  The help desk enables businesses to automate the entire ticketing process, allowing them to respond accurately to customer issues.

Using  Freshdesk, customer reps can convert email requests into tickets. The help desk also has social media functionalities that enable customer support teams to monitor customer posts on social media platforms. With this function, businesses can address potential issues before they spin out of control.

Source: Freshdesk

Freshdesk is designed to integrate seamlessly with customer relations management software as well as multimedia tools including YouTube, Google Apps, and Slideshare.  It supports iOS and Android applications, which means users can use it on different devices. Some prominent features of Freshdesk help desk include:

  • Help desk ticketing system
  • Multichannel functionalities
  • A knowledge base
  • A community feature
  • Self-service portals
  • Service level agreements

Pricing starts at $21/month.

A cloud-based help desk, Team Support is designed to facilitate collaboration and communication between customer support teams within a company. Team support enhances customer service by streamlining relationships across departments, client and resource management. Due to its ability to scale, Team Support is a help desk that works well for both small and large companies.

Even so, this ticketing software has some features that make it the best help desk software for small businesses that includes easy setup process and usage. The help desk makes use of cloud deployment and technical support features that enable startups to do away with complex installation processes and maintenance hassles. The software has training videos that empower small businesses to capture the attention of customers and understand customer data.  Businesses that opt for Team Support are able to provide customer service on the go through mobile devices.

Source: GetApp

The help desk software comes with a mobile version that supports different operating systems including Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone and iOS.  When it comes to tracking the performance of individual customer support representatives, Team Support helps with the evaluation of ticket engagement and provides team managers with positive and negative performance trends. With this data, managers can be able to guide the teams as well as individual support representatives in a manner that is profitable to the business.

Some key customer service features that Team Support offers users include:

  • Customer knowledge base
  • Ticket automation
  • Internal chat and group functions
  • Email, Facebook and Live Chat integration
  • Integrated customer database
  • Product database
  • Reports and Metrics
  • Screen recordings
  • Intuitive online interface
  • Service level agreements

Pricing starts at $50/month.

This is a complete customer support system that comes with all the features a powerful help desk software could provide. From ticket management, knowledge base, community forums,  to call center and multi-channel communication, Zendesk is a top help desk softwarethatoffers users a wide range of functionalities that are necessary for providing the best customer service to users.

Though it can be used by both large and small businesses, Zendesk is designed for use by agile teams that are looking to improve their customer service operations. Zendesk drives collaboration between customer support teams through an internal comment tool that allows them to communicate privately whenever they encounter problems. Team members also get to see what ticket each member is handling at any given time to avoid duplication.

Source: Zendesk

The software integrates seamlessly with online communities, help center portals and knowledge base – this enables support teams to resolve issues faster and be more productive in their jobs. The software also comes with inbuilt reporting tools that provide managers and supervisors with detailed insights on the efficiency of the customer support processes and performance of individual support representatives. Generally, businesses that use Zendesk, are able to:

  • Streamline customer support workflows
  • Improve collaboration between customer support representatives
  • Consolidate their customer support
  • Deflate tickets through the use of self-service portals such as knowledge base

The software is designed to integrate naturally with mobile applications including Android, iPhone, and iPad. This makes it possible for users to access the Zendesk platform wherever they are, hence facilitating round the clock customer support. The software features open API capabilities that make it incredibly scalable through integration with 600+ apps. Other key features that you will find on this help desk software include:

  • Proactive live chat function
  • Ticket fields plus request forms
  • Customer-facing web interface that you can brand
  • Multi-brand support
  • Real-time updates
  • Knowledge base with integrated community forums
  • Service level agreement
  • Help desk automation

Pricing starts at $5/month.

This customer support software enables businesses to provide quality customer service to their clients using tools that improve the productivity of their customer reps.  The software features a complete set of help desk functionalities that offer flexibility and scalability to users. This makes Zoho Desk a great pick for both professional and new users. Some of the tools that Zoho Desk provides that boost the productivity of customer reps include task automation and multi-channel communication.

Source: Zoho

The software comes with tools that enable users to build self-service options. These options include community forums and knowledge repository that help deflate customer tickets and free customer reps’ time so they can focus on other critical tasks.

Zoho Desk also generates analytics and reports for managers to track customer representative’s performance. This helps them to make informed business decisions and bring more improvements in the customer service process. Some features that this help desk software offers that enable businesses to address their customer service needs include:

  • Call center functions
  • Knowledge base
  • Community forums
  • Customer ticketing system
  • Integration of multi-channel communication
  • Customer support productivity
  • Collaboration functions
  • Analytics and reports

Pricing starts at $12/month.

This is an easy to use free helpdesk software that suits the needs of both small and large enterprises. Offered by Wix.com, Wix Answers is designed to provide users with a wide range of customer support functions. The help desk comes with a streamlined interface that enables users to navigate easily. Businesses that choose Wix Answers, support their customer service functions are able to streamline tickets that flow in from different communication channels.

The software uses a centralized system that facilitates easy access to important insights about products, customers and support services. This is made possible by the seamless integration of the knowledge base and the ticketing system. Team leaders and managers get an overview of customer satisfaction ratings, team performance and ticket response duration in real-time. With this data, they can quickly determine the next course of action to facilitate better customer service.

Source: Wix

Using Wix Answers, businesses can track each ticket to ensure they are responded to immediately. This help desk helps unify customer support channels in a way that maximizes the knowledge base and ticketing system by integrating them with the call center. Wix Answers supports customer callbacks, an aspect that enables businesses to prioritize their customer’s preferences and convenience. Important features that users can expect to find in this software are:

  • A setup for call lines
  • A call center and a knowledge base
  • Call back request
  • Insights and reports
  • Time zone setup
  • A help center
  • A ticketing system
  • Settings for team members

This best help desk ticketing software list is free to use. There is no trial period.

This software provides users with a combination of asset management and help desk in a single, convenient interface. Built for large companies, SysAid is one of the best help desk ticketing system for businesses that are seeking to leverage multi-functional systems that are easily adaptable to their operational needs.

To provide quality customer support, the software comes with ticket automation and management functionality that eliminate manual assigning of tickets. It is fitted with mobile features that allow remote management of help desks by companies through Android or iOS devices.

Source: SysAid

SysAid’s help desk also features incident management functions where customer representatives can log, process, manage and report issues relating to IT. By doing so, they increase the visibility as well as communication of those issues while enhancing customer satisfaction at the same time. The software is capable of organizing problem management workflows in companies and facilitate the development of service level contracts and targets.

Though it appears to complicate, SysAid is easy to learn and free training videos are available on the software’s website. The platform runs as the best IT help desk software but companies can configure it to do more. Its asset management dashboard displays the different assets a company has by type. To use this option, companies are expected to invest time in learning how it works. Some key features of SysAid include:

  • Help desk integration
  • Broadcast messaging
  • Management of customer tickets
  • Self-service portal
  • Inventory management
  • Knowledge base

Pricing starts at $3000/year.

Largely built as a platform for customer relationship management, Salesforce Essentials also offers customer support functions to small businesses. Startups that use this software are able to get an all-round customer view, access robust contact options and manage case queueing.

Source: Salesforce

The software also supports automatic assigning of issues to customer reps, automation of repetitive tasks, call routing and email optimization, enabling businesses to manage customer support functions with ease. Businesses can leverage the CRM capabilities that come with this software to provide customer reps with customer data such as buying patterns, contact information, and past interactions.

Using this data, customer support teams can be able to provide personalized services to clients and enhance their experiences with the business. Some of the top features that Salesforce Essentials offers users include:

  • Collaboration tools
  • Case escalation functions
  • Task management
  • Mobile application
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Activity feed
  • All-round customer view
  • Task auto-assignment

Pricing starts at $25/month.

  1. Freshservice

This is a help desk is that offers offsite benefits to IT support teams and works for businesses of any size. A cloud-based software, Freshservice is designed to enable businesses offer great customer support to their clients. It allows businesses to automate any task related to customer support and it comes with a customizable ticketing system that users can tailor to suit their business needs through the use of field templates.

The system also provides unique features such as proactive notifications, escalations,and notification alerts to users. Businesses that choose to use Freshservice get access to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), a plug and play feature that complies with best industry practices and completed removes the need for consultation. The help desk comes with a mobile app that enables IT staff to work off location.

The use of mobile devices is not a preserve of the support staff only, end users can also use the app to request services or raise issues on their mobile gadgets as well.  Further, Freshservice has a self-service portal that empowers customers to address their concerns and issues by themselves.

Source: Freshservice

Top features of Freshservice include:

  • Issue ticketing
  • Incident management
  • Priority matrix
  • Agent roles that are customizable
  • Service ticketing
  • Agent collision management
  • Knowledge base
  • Service level agreements

Pricing starts at $19/month.

Wrapping up

Help desk software play a critical role in providing customers with positive experiences when they need help. They help businesses achieve this by fast-tracking resolution of issues, streamlining workflows and facilitating collaboration among customer support teams. There are different help desk solutions in the market and though there are similarities in the features they offer, each solution also has something unique.  Depending on your business needs and size, use the help desk ticketing software listthat we have provided above to find the help desk software that best suits your needs.

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