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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Analytics–Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems announces the completion of their recent article that offers comprehensive insights on the ‘Role of AI in Improving Pharmacovigilance.’

Pharmacovigilance companies face increasing pressures to improve their analytics capabilities and offer value-added services throughout the drug development lifecycle. Facing similar challenges? Request a FREE proposal to learn how we can help.

One of the key drivers for the growing demand for pharmacovigilance, the associated tools, and software can be attributed to a greater emphasis on drug safety and the drug manufacturing process. With the focus on all the major drug regulations being on improving the drug quality and prevention of drug-related problems, pharma companies are increasingly becoming dependent on tools to enhance drug safety. Consequently, a major pain point that most pharma companies face today revolves around the execution of foolproof digital vigilance on the data generated.

Leading pharmacovigilance companies use advanced analytics techniques for analysis of data including data mining, text mining, and data visualization. For more detailed information on such analytical methodologies and tools, talk to our analytics experts right away!

Role of AI in Enhancing Pharmacovigilance

Real-time Monitoring

Improved Drug Safety

The whole point of adopting pharmacovigilance is to monitor the drug development process. AI-based web monitoring is better than human supervised ones as its preloaded algorithm also makes it easier for pharma firms to track and analyze datasets from various sources.

AI plays a crucial role in deciphering human semantics, which in turn is essential for enhancing drug safety by monitoring drug development. By filtering out the irrelevant data and taking the subtext of the data into consideration, AI helps you conduct a focused analysis of drug use and patient requirement.

We can help you use analytics to improve drug development and enhance process efficiency. Wonder how? Schedule a FREE solution demo to get a glimpse of our analytics capabilities.

According to the analytics experts at Quantzig, “The biggest challenges faced by pharmacovigilance companies are the rising complexities associated with drug development, lack of new technology, rising costs, and a shortage of well-defined metrics.”

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