Rick Rahim on What to Consider When Thinking About a Business ReBranding

FAIRFAX, VA / ACCESSWIRE / August 16, 2019 / The image that your business provides to your audience is their first point of contact, which means you’ve probably put a lot of effort into developing the visuals of your brand. “It’s important not to build your business around your brand, but to build a brand around your business,” says Rick Rahim, president of BusinessVentures.com.

Rahim says “Many companies mistakenly believe that, if business isn’t going the way they planned, they need to throw in the white flag and start over.” According to Rick, “in fact, it could quite possibly be that the brand you built doesn’t correlate well with your message and goals, resulting in a lack of connection with your audience.”

An experienced business leader, having managed many businesses back to success, Rick Rahim has proven that every facet of your brand, from marketing to logo, needs to have a purpose. “If you’ve decided to rebrand your business in order to reach a wider market, don’t forget about the customers you already have,” says Rahim. Rick believes that doing your research and building a plan that integrates the loyalty of your employees and your current clients with ensure your business’ success. “Communication is important – if you’re not communicating, you’re failing,” Rahim says.

Rick Rahim asks, why are you choosing to rebrand?

Is it because you’re not reaching your chosen demographic? Is your product/service better suited for a different audience who doesn’t connect with your current platform? Rahim says “If you’ve chosen to rebrand for the wrong reasons, without analyzing your current reach, you could be rerouting your trip to start over, when all you did is to stop at a rest stop and re-organize your maps.”

Rick says, if you’ve looked into your current situation and know there are no other options, and if you truly believe that your business needs to be rebranded, make sure it’s perfect this time around. “The worst thing you could do is rebrand only to realize you were better off before – or you’ll need to completely rebrand again.” Rahim says “If need be, build a brand that can be molded a little once your business starts to shape it – instead of creating a concrete image/purpose.”

Be transparent, so the public knows what to expect and when, says Rick Rahim.

Use your current public reach, your marketing team, and the media, to keep your every stakeholder and interested party in the loop, says Rick. “What’s the point of spending the money on completely refreshing or reworking your brand, if no one knows you’re doing it?” It’s important to continue to develop your brand recognition, even if it’s currently under construction. The last thing you want is to fall completely off the radar, according to Rahim.

*Rick Rahim is knowledgeable and experienced in the workings of every kind of business. His love of family, flying, and providing the best service to his clients and the clients of BusinessVenture.com sets him apart from any competition. Rahim is an experienced airplane and helicopter pilot. Rick is a successful Children’s Book Author, having written “Way Up High In The Big Blue Sky.” To find out how Rick Rahim can help your business succeed, reach out today.


SOURCE: BusinessVentures.com

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