Account Based Marketing Ramps Up with Fastbase Business Leads Navigator

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 29, 2019 / In 2015, only 20% of companies had Account Based Marketing programs in place. The next year a Sirius Decisions study found that more than 70% of B2B marketers were ramping up ABM specific programs. That was not far off the mark. Recently, an Adweek Branded report for Dun & Bradstreet, confirmed that “ABM is a critical way for B2B marketers to use data to gain an edge in understanding the complex customer journey”. The results of the survey show that 57 per cent of companies currently do ABM or have it in their 2019 plans.

Account-based marketing is a strategic marketing strategy. Marketing energy focuses on key business accounts directly (one-to-one vs one-to-many approach). In essence, high-value accounts or prospects are identified, key stakeholders in these businesses are targeted, and then marketing strategies are implemented through various channels to appeal to their specific personas and needs.

Fastbase Business Leads Navigator accelerates the first stages of ABM by finding the strategic companies with matching criteria and then digging deeper to determine the key contacts. Business Leads Navigator allows Sales Executives and MarTech professionals to leverage the world’s largest database of over 200 million business leads to find key sales contacts and growth opportunities. Sales productivity increases by using data analytics to shorten the path from prospecting to closing.

Fastbase new Business Leads Navigator will be released worldwide by mid of September of 2019.

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Combining our proprietary business database with web traffic data from almost 1 million websites, Fastbase brings to light website visitor information for leading companies and blue-chip brands globally. Fastbase Inc. (OTC: FBSE) is analyzing a constantly growing number of 8 billion website visitors each month, revealing the search keywords/phrases used and a list of businesses that are visiting the website each month. Fastbase is transforming traditional web analytics data into actionable knowledge and identification of web traffic. Fastbase Web Leads for Google Analytics.

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