Big news! Brand new MGC TOKEN! British investment company BG-MF invigorates the MGC TOKEN!

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 18, 2019 /
In June 2019, MGC TOKEN and BG-MF, the British official investment company welcomed two new members, Daniel Vicente and Wesley Jennings. The two new members brought a brand new look to MGC TOKEN and BG-MF. Several key figures will also appear in public with a new look.

The next two years will be the two years for MGC TOKEN to further complete brand internationalization. It’s also an important stage for MGC TOKEN to constantly upgrade and improve itself with the changes of the time as the top blockchain project in the world. The new members will witness all the changes that MGC TOKEN goes through as it continues to lead the blockchain industry!

Security, internationality and modernization-MGC TOKEN will be a leader in the new era of blockchain. In June 2019, MGC TOKEN first welcome internal staff changes and inject fresh blood into the new team.

First of all, it is our pleasure to introduce you to the key figures of MGC TOKEN investment company, the British BG-MF Global Fund Investment Co., Ltd.

Marc Edward Charles BG-MF

Founder & CEO

20 years of financial experience as a consultant and manager.In 2013, he became the largest shareholder of company.He is financial consultant of Lemanik SA, Credito Romagnolo and Banca Popolare di Milano.

John Morris BG-MF

Global Fixed Income Asset Portfolio Manager

Mr. John Morris has more than 10 years of buyer experience with analysts and portfolio managers.Before joining BG-MF INVESTMENTS GP LIMITED, he worked as an analyst in Tamburi Investment Partners.

Vanessa Carlton BG-MF

Head of Wealth and Investment Planning

Vanessa joined the company’s core team in 2014 and is responsible for wealth and investment planning.Through her work experience, she is responsible for overseeing the institutional sales team in London, Canada.Prior to joining the company, Vanessa was an account manager for BetaConsulenze SRL, an assistant manager and event planner for Chopard Italia and Dior.

Daniel Vicente BG-MF

BG-MF High-yield Portfolio Manager

Daniel Vicente is responsible for supervising all relevant BG-MF strategies of credit and loan, including all global and regional investment grades and high profit strategy and relevant investment strategy, activities and portfolio management team. In addition, Daniel Vicente jointly managed BG-MF award-wining high-income fund. He also designed and was appointed as one of the main Portfolio Managers of multidisciplinary credit strategy of BG-MF, which is considered to invest in global investment grades and high-yield credit departments.

Next, let`s introduce the key figures of BG-MF Charity Center to you

Alexander Von Preysing BG-MF

Chairman of BG-MF Charity Center

He has served as a member of the non-public fundraising foundation, a member of the International Public Welfare Committee, and a member of the British Children’s Help Association. Joined BG-MF in 2015, he has been responsible for many departments, proficient in bonds, private equity funds, risk management, making more contributions to international public welfare milestones, and gaining a good reputation for non-profit public welfare.

Michael Mein BG-MF

Vice-chairman of BG-MF Charity Center

Graduated from Columbia University in the United States with experience working in the information technology and services industries. He has a strong sense of public welfare, good at cash, municipal liquidity management, treasury and business transformation, and he is responsible for the funds review and material distribution in BG-MF.

Once again, let’s introduce the key figures of the MGC TOKEN AONE technical team to you

Wesley Jennings AONE

AONE Director of Operations and Maintenance

As an excellent engineer, Wesley Jennings is one of the first batches of supporters for MGC TOKEN and he is the important partner for MGC TOKEN. Without technical support provided by Wesley Jennings, MGC TOKEN may not develop so successfully. At present, Wesley Jennings holds the post of AONE Director of Operations and Maintenance and leads the team to edit code and design engine algorithm for MGC TOKEN, making MGC TOKEN superior to other competitors by his excellent work.

Alfredo Aguirre Valdez AONE

Technical supervisor

He has won various awards in the field of AI and devoted himself to the research and promotion of blockchain technology. The dream is to make technology dividends available to the public on the premise of controlling the technological risks of the blockchain. Blockchain will lead people to build a more advanced society. They have their own unique views in the field of payment. He believes that block chains are innovative technologies of financial subversion.

Dr. Springsteen Brain

Graduated from University of London in 2003, he studied for Master of Computer Science.Now, he serves as Technical R&D officer in BGMFINVESTMENTS GP LIMITED. He is responsible for all the phenomena and rules of computer and its surroundings, i.e. the research of computer system structure and program system (i.e. software). He has great accomplishments in AI and the nature and problems of computing itself. In 2015, he joined the AONE technical team and engaged in research and development for technical application of underlying for blockchain.

Abercrombie AONE


He holds a master’s degree in digital economics from Columbia University. He is dedicated to the research and development of the digital economy era. He has digital compute technical background, and serve as the director of cloud computing center in large organization. He has great recognition for the digital economy era and is very optimistic about the future prospects of digital token.

MGC TOKEN and the British BG-MF Investment Company will take on a new look for the public. It is believed that the two new members will definitely inject new blood into MGC TOKEN and BG-MF Company. BG-MF Company will be more powerful and MGC TOKEN will be more perfect. In the future, MGC TOKEN will provide all users with safer and better services in a better state!

Secondly, MGC TOKEN will get a new update, which the MGC TOKEN AONE technical team worked overtime to complete successfully. Security, stability and decentralization will continue to be the target of MGC TOKEN. We will create a new MGC TOKEN and strive to become a trust-worthy brand that global users would like to follow actively!

From the internal test of MGC TOKEN to its official launch, MGC TOKEN has been drawing a blueprint for a better and safer MGC TOKEN with new standards, new qualities, new strategies, and new cultures. After this time of staff and system update, the MGC TOKEN in the future will be more secure. The new generation of MGC TOKEN will accompany the life of users and become a safer financial tool which is more efficient and reliable.

We never reply negative remarks. We do not respond, do not explain, and do not attack. We use actions to prove good or bad. We prove right or wrong with practice! We hope all users of MGC TOKEN can witness the transformation of MGC TOKEN together with us! We are not afraid of gossip. The denigration is the motivation for our continuous advancements. It makes MGC TOKEN do better!


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