Flex Summit Announces Full Speaker Lineup

Fuze’s inaugural flexible work event sets the tone for future of work
conversations, featuring industry experts from leading global

the leading cloud-based communications and collaboration platform
provider for the modern global enterprise, today announced its full
speaker lineup for the inaugural future of work event, Flex
. Taking place on June 5, 2019 at the Revere Hotel in Boston,
this one-day exclusive industry event will bring together the
game-changing influencers and global forward-thinking experts leading
the future of distributed and flexible work.

In addition to these newly announced speakers, Dr. Alaa Murabit from
United Nations, Michael Hopkins from The Solo Project, Elizabeth Kiehner
from IBM, and many other compelling thought leaders will be speaking at

Newly Announced Speakers:

  • Marcio Macedo, co-founder and vice president of product and marketing, Ava

    • As one of the leading experts in robotics, Marcio develops
      intelligent mobile robots to better service the enterprise,
      commercial and industrial industries. During his discussion he
      will present Ava, a telepresence robot.
  • Jenny Ahn, organization transformation leader, Deloitte Consulting

    • Jenny is a senior manager in Deloitte’s Human Capital Practice
      where she leverages her expertise in understanding market
      disruptions to guide the organization in finding sustainable
      workforce solutions. She will be speaking on the “Breaking the
      Barriers to Flexible Work” panel.
  • Taher Behbehani, senior vice president and general manager, Samsung
    Electronics America

    • As a senior VP and GM for a multi-billion dollar business unit,
      Taher is an expert in finding innovative technology solutions for
      customers. In his session, he will explore how 5G’s step-change
      will impact work, the workspace, and business.
  • Martin Bodley, director of emerging business, Bose

    • Martin is a high-tech entrepreneur creating companies that are
      industry leaders in innovation. At Bose, he is leading their
      entrance into the conferencing B2B market for distributed teams
      and will speak to this on the “Collaboration Tech and Trends to
      Support Flexible Work” panel.
  • Jim Lundy, CEO, founder, and lead analyst, Aragon Research

    • With more than 30 years in technology and analyst experience,
      Jim will speak to how IT leaders can build environments that
      foster trust within remote teams and challenges that can pop up
      along the way.
  • Elias Torres, founder and chief technical officer, Drift

    • Elias founded Drift, a conversational marketing and sales
      platform, because he understood that the best way to reach buyers
      is through fast, real-time conversation and messaging that
      eliminates lead forms and wait times. He will join a panel of
      other thought leaders using AI to shape productivity and
      engagement across the workforce.
  • Dr. Skyler Place, chief behavioral science officer, Cogito

    • As a behavioral specialist, Dr. Skyler Place is an expert in
      psychological theory and has more than 15 years of experience
      developing and implementing new approaches to predict and improve
      human behavior. He will share his expertise in AI emotional
      intelligence software during the “How is AI Augmenting the
      Workforce” panel.
  • Meaghan Williams, remote work and inclusion program manager, HubSpot

    • Meaghan is dedicated to finding the solutions to help remote
      and distributed team members stay connected and feel empowered in
      meeting their professional goals. During the “Breaking the
      Barriers to Flexible Work” panel she will share insights on
      overcoming the challenges to flexible working.
  • Megan Burns, CEO, Experience Enterprises

    • Megan is an expert in understanding customer needs and has more
      than two decades of experience in helping business leaders make
      their companies more empathic, trustworthy, and human-centered.
      Employing what she calls, the “ah-ha” moments, she will share her
      tactics during the “Breaking Barriers to Flexible Work” panel.

Panels and discussions will cover topics that include flexible work,
productivity, empathy, AI, robotics, hybrid teams, and a peek into the
workforce of 2040. A video highlighting the day’s agenda can be found here.

“Flex will convene some of the world’s most forward-thinking experts
leading the narrative on distributed work and its implications for the
future of our workforce,” said Brian Kardon, chief marketing officer at
Fuze. “I look forward to welcoming our speakers and to the discussions
on how these trends will streamline and optimize workplace efficiencies
for tomorrow.”

If you are interested in joining, please visit flexsummit.com
and reach out to flex@fuze.com for
questions on special discount passes or any other needs.

About Fuze
Fuze is a global cloud communications and
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