The AI Foundation Adds World-Leading Artificial Intelligence Scientists Joscha Bach and Delip Rao to Research Team

Bach & Rao to Lead Research in Advanced AI as Part of Company’s
Transformative Work in Entertainment and Communications

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The AI Foundation, dedicated to launching advanced AI products that
benefit humanity, has expanded its world-class team of scientists with
the addition of Joscha Bach, Ph.D., and Delip Rao as vice presidents.
Working closely with AI Foundation’s engineers, Dr. Bach will lead a
team of scientific researchers to create and publish breakthrough
research in the areas of cognitive science, artificial general
intelligence, and human behavior, while Rao will lead a team to focus on
deep learning, language, speech, and vision.

“The AI Foundation welcomes two amazing scientists to our team as we
continue on our mission to move humanity forward with safe and
beneficial AI,” said Dr. Lars Buttler, CEO and co-founder of the AI
Foundation. “Joscha Bach and Delip Rao are both entrepreneurs and
researchers at the vanguard of Artificial Intelligence, and we are
thrilled to implement their breakthroughs in our protective tools and
commercial products.”

Bach, an author, cognitive scientist, philosopher and researcher at
Harvard’s Program for Evolutionary Dynamics and MIT Media Lab, comes to
the AI Foundation with over 20 years of research in the field and will
continue his work in developing Artificial General Intelligence,
intelligent systems with cognition on par with that of a human being.
Bach will apply his research in the space and models of psychology to
look at how humans should interact with AI to create a new form of
media, focused on people, their individual purposes, and how AI can
understand and serve those purposes better. By developing and testing
models of brain-like cognition, the AI Foundation plans to publish
break-through research in the areas of cognitive science, artificial
general intelligence, and human behavior. Bach’s in-depth research of
understanding and representing emotions in AI will be a central tenet in
this research and the AI Foundation’s future products and initiatives.

Rao is a technologist, entrepreneur, author, and founder of Joostware, a
company that works closely with Fortune 500 companies and select
startups to assist leaders in implementing AI in their organizations.
Along with his entrepreneurial work, he brings his expertise and
learnings from applying machine learning and natural language processing
to problem-solve issues with AI at Twitter, Amazon, and Google. Rao also
brings his passion for bringing AI to the world responsibly and for
social good, having founded the Fake News Challenge, an initiative
bringing together more than 1,000 AI researchers across the world to
explore how artificial intelligence technologies can be leveraged to
combat fake news. His cutting-edge research in speech, language, and
computer vision, as well as his dedication to creating solutions that
fight misinformation and bringing them to the general public, will be
fundamental to the AI Foundation’s initiatives.

Bach’s and Rao’s appointments to the AI Foundation will support the
company’s efforts to develop tools for safe and beneficial AI, including
Reality Defender, a guardian-AI protecting against fake media including
deep fakes.

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About The AI Foundation

The AI Foundation moves humanity forward through the power of
groundbreaking, safe and beneficial AI, while anticipating and
counteracting the risks of AI’s proliferation in society. With the help
of many of the world’s most distinguished scientists and backed by
leaders from Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and Madison Avenue, the AI
Foundation develops protective tools to safeguard the world, and
advanced AI products that benefit humanity.


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