Third-Party Study Validates STATS K50 GPS’ Superior Accuracy in Measuring High-Intensity Performance

Independent Study by the Technical University of Munich Confirms
Benefits of the Integration of INS/GPS Systems in High-Intensity Trials

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a recent independent study by the Technical University of Munich
(TUM), STATS, the worldwide leader in sports data and intelligence, had
its novel 50 Hz GPS system (STATS K50) tested against a traditional 15
Hz GPS system (GPSports SpiProX) to measure covered distance and
instantaneous velocity. Both systems were simultaneously recorded and
measured against a criterion reference (Laveg radar gun) during 30-metre
linear sprint trials.

The study, commissioned by STATS and conducted by TUM, found that STATS
K-50 has a smaller bias than a traditional technology and that it is
capable of quantifying high intensity activities 30% more accurately.
High-intensity movements and accelerated runs over short distances are
believed to be the most important variables to be tracked in sports

STATS K50’s new approach to wearable tracking is an integrated inertial
navigation system (INS)/GPS technology that combines 50 Hz GPS position
and Doppler velocity measurements with inertial measurement unit (IMU)
data. The system takes into consideration human movement constraints and
uses absolute GPS position, velocity derived from Doppler shift and
relative position derived from the IMU to calculate instantons velocity
50 times per second.

“This study revealed that the most substantial differences between the
tested technologies occurred in the high-intensity category,” said
Daniel Linke of TUM. “It can be concluded that the integration of
INS/GPS in STATS K50 is a promising approach towards the currently
insufficient quantification of high-intensity performance indicators
delivered by traditional GPS technologies.”

STATS K50 was developed based on the results of a 2017 12-month
unprecedented multi-technology independent study conducted by TUM

measuring the reliability of GPS, optical tracking and local-positioning
technologies. To counteract the limitations of traditional technologies
found in 2017, STATS K50 integrates sensor fusion and the highest
sampling rate on the market, which have now been validated through this
most recent study.

“With STATS K50, we offer the industry’s leading real-time GPS
technology using the most advanced hardware to provide a plethora of
insights and information every second,” said Jörg Stadelmann, product
manager of STATS GPS. “The unrivalled accuracy in quantifying high
intensity activities enables practitioners to take performance
optimization and player welfare to the next level. We are proud to see
that this TUM study validates the higher rate of accuracy of STATS K50
during moments of intense performance outputs.”

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