Quantum Xchange Wins Gold for Startup of the Year in 2019 ISPG Global Excellence Awards

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) service provider recognized for early
success in securing high-value data

provider of the first quantum key distribution (QKD)
network in the U.S., today announced that Info Security Products Guide
(ISPG) has named the company a winner of two Global Excellence Awards.
Quantum Xchange was awarded Gold in the category of Startup of the
year (Founded in 2018)
, and the company’s commercial QKD service,
Phio, won Silver for Innovation in Next Generation Security.
Recognized among leading, global vendors in cybersecurity and
information technology, Quantum Xchange stands out for raising the bar
for modern-day encryption, giving organizations the ultimate solution to
keep high-value data safe today, and well into the future.

The quantum threat comes just as the Internet of things (IoT) and 5G
mobile connectivity are arriving, with higher security requirements than
we have had before. Industry heavyweights are focused on the race for
quantum computer supremacy, and other present-day concerns are rooted in
the fact that nation-state actors and other nefarious agents are already
harvesting and stockpiling encrypted data today for deciphering later.
To combat these future and current challenges to secure communications,
Quantum Xchange has built the first quantum-secured network in the
United States.

“As a company breaking into a new market to address the changing threat
landscape of the quantum era, we are grateful to be recognized by the
ISPG Awards for both our early success, and the potential impact our
innovative solution will have on the industry,” says John Prisco,
President and CEO of Quantum Xchange. “While the positive impact of
quantum computers is undeniable, there are also many challenges to
secure communications created by their powerful processing capacity. If
perfected, existing methods of encryption will cease to work – this is
why Quantum Xchange is building our QKD network to span the entire
country, with the goal of protecting all secure communications.”

Phio leverages the fundamental properties of quantum mechanics; using
photons of light, not electronic bits, to transmit and receive quantum
cryptographic keys between entities. By wrapping a classical encryption
key with a photonic quantum key, the photon’s multiple quantum states
and no-change, no-eavesdropping, and no-cloning attributes prevent the
transmission of data or communication from being unknowingly
interrupted, corrupted, cloned, or exposed; essentially bringing to
market unbreakable key exchange for the sharing of critical information.

The first leg of the Phio network runs from Manhattan, N.Y. to New
Jersey, serving clients that need to protect their mission critical
data. Through an agreement with Zayo Group, a leading communications
infrastructure provider, Quantum Xchange will extend the network from
Boston to Washington, D.C. with over 800 kilometers of existing optical
fiber, making connections in major cities along the route in order to
provide services for the North Eastern corridor.

Quantum Xchange will be attending the 2019 RSA Conference in San
Francisco next month. To learn more about how Quantum Xchange is
enabling organizations to send secured data over long distances using
the laws of quantum physics, schedule
a meeting with us

About Quantum Xchange

As a provider of quantum encryption and secure communications, Quantum
Xchange gives commercial enterprises and government agencies the
ultimate defense to keep high-value data safe – today, tomorrow and in
the future. Offering the first and only quantum-secured network in the
United States, Quantum Xchange enables organizations to send infinitely
secured data over long distances using the laws of quantum physics.
Leveraging the proven secure Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) method and
its own exclusive Trusted Node technology for unlimited point-to-point
distances, Phio by Quantum Xchange addresses the shortcomings inherent
with modern-day encryption: the ability for keys to be intercepted,
corrupted or exposed during transmission, and the imminent threat of
quantum computers. To learn more about the future of security realized
today, visit QuantumXC.com
or follow us on Twitter @Quantum_Xchange.


Kate D. Shapiro

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