Q. R. Payne Mega Corporation’s CEO Looks to Inspire a Legacy

MILWAUKEE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Q. R. Payne Mega Corporation’s CEO aims to establish a legacy by sharing
his journey. Q. R. Payne Mega Corp. is a privately-held corporation
operating out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Holding control of multiple
companies in multiple industries Q. R. Payne Mega Corp. joined the
“Business Enterprise” officially earlier this year.

Q. R. Payne Mega Corp. is a management corporation led by Chairman and
CEO Quron Payne. The corporation is composed of what seems to be a
plethora of companies, but to name a few there is KEYS The Brand,
All Hours Company
, and Quad Seasons Outdoor Care.

We asked Quron about the legacy of which he wished to establish for Q.
R. Payne Mega Corp. and he responded, “We simply wish to inspire
excellence.” How does a management corporation “inspire excellence” we
thought, but then we burrowed into the background of its founder, Quron
Payne. Quron Payne is an African-American Milwaukee native who left home
at the age of 17 to enlist into the United States Marine Corps.

Growing up impoverished like many African-Americans in Milwaukee; Quron
saw the military as an opportunity. “Why the Military?” we asked; “I
knew I needed self-discipline, and honor in my life; and what better way
is there to get that,” said Quron. Using the military to provide honor
and direction, Quron showed us his courage and commitment to “better” at
a young age.

But how does that tie in to business, and where did his confidence come
from? We asked Quron what made him so certain when fathoming Q. R. Payne
Mega Corp. that he could manage all the moving parts and he said, “The
Marine Corps trained me to manage moving parts, being a Sergeant (an
enlisted rank)
in charge of crucial pieces is no easy task. So I
knew I could handle it, even before the corporation’s planning stages.”

After active-duty Quron used his reserve time to widen his experience in
business, business marketing, and entrepreneurship. He became the
Assistant Manager of a marketing firm that represented Fortune 500
clients back in 2016. “The skills I learned in the military, and those
learned as an Assistant Manager provided a solid foundation; and I think
showing others you can achieve whatever if you stay focused, plan, and
work hard, inspires excellence,” said Quron.


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