Creates “Data Dividends” in Response to Governor Newsom’s Call

Southern California Startup Focuses on Self-Monetization of Data

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ant Transaction Machines, website,
has launched a new service to help people get paid for their own data.

For years people have been giving data to Facebook, Google and others
without any cash payment in return. This was understandable when a
person’s data was only worth a few dollars and difficult to cash in. But
today the average American consumer now generates data worth about $2000
per year to advertisers and major brands. A new company, Ant Transaction
has developed technology to help the average consumer cash in on the
value of their data, and better control access with a quick toggle on or
off feature.

The website has just been launched and had over a thousand
signups on its first day. The company was created by Walter Cruttenden,
founder of Roth and Acorns, and his partner Mike Gleason, an MIT
scientist and founder of Consumer Brands. Together they are working to
solve the problem of how consumers can better control and monetize their
own data. Their solution is Ant Transaction Machines, technology to
track data in detail while giving the consumer instant control over what
can be used or not used in the public domain.

Given the rapid increase in the value of one’s data, from a few dollars
to a couple thousand dollars in just the last 5 years, we thought it
time for the consumer to have a way to directly control and get paid for
their own data”, said Mike Gleason, co-founder and CEO of Ant.

It has long been known that the value of consumer data has been
increasing in value but until now the bulk of that value has been going
to Google and Facebook, companies large enough to sell it en masse to
the major brands. “While it is hard for any one person to cash in on
their own data, Ant was formed to pool large quantities of consumers
together, sort of a cooperative or ant colony, so that each member could
reap more benefit,” said Walter Cruttenden, co-founder, at the launching
of the website.

Currently the company’s website allows people to get on a waitlist to
receive the Data Value Meter® or DVM. This is the application software
Ant has introduced enabling consumers to see the approximate value of
their data. It also allows them to toggle on or specific items and watch
the DVM go up or down accordingly. The DVM is also affected by the
colony size, meaning the number of consumers in the data pool. The
larger the pool the greater the value the individual can realize.

Once the company reaches a million members it will negotiate with the
big data buyers and deliver 50% of all proceeds to those that provided
the data. “It’s all about scale,” said Mike Gleason. “The faster we can
grow the pool the sooner we can return cash to our members.” There is no
cost to join, but Ant does receive 50% of the funds collected for
providing the service. At first it is just expected to return a few
dollars per month to the consumer but as the data base grows Ant hopes
to reward its members with payments in the $50 to $100 p/m range based
on the specific data provided and other variables affecting the data

About Ant Transaction Machines:

ATM is an early stage technology company founded by Walter Cruttenden
and Mike Gleason to help consumers better control and self-monetize the
value of their data. The company is located at 4600 Campus Drive,
Newport Beach, CA. Its website is


Shital Patel

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